Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

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What does it mean when a product is labeled as eco-friendly?

The term seems to appear everywhere online or in physical stores. Quite simply, an eco-friendly product is something that is not harmful and is beneficial to the environment. These products do not add unnecessary waste and do not harm our ecology. They represent sustainability at its finest.

All of us look forward to seeing the appreciative faces of our loved ones the moment they open the gifts we painstakingly picked for them. We all want the perfect gift for the special and important people in our lives. But the sad reality is, gift-giving contributes to unnecessary wastes during major holidays.

Choosing eco-friendly gifts not only gives you the opportunity to make your loved ones happy, but giving one can also make a positive impact on the planet. Buying sustainable products might feel like a very small change in terms of helping the environment, but that small, nearly insignificant decision can create a domino effect that will result in an even bigger positive impact on the world. As they say, a small change is better than no change at all. Also, nothing says “You are important to me and the world we live in” like ethical, sustainable, and environment-friendly gifts.

Now, eco-conscious gifts do not have to be limited to plain old reusable grocery bags or recycled brown toilet paper. Gone were the days of drab and unimaginable brown and green things. Here are a few of the best eco-friendly and organic gifts you may want to check out. Just be sure to wrap them in matching recycled papers too!

For the eco-conscious mama:

Lively Lion Organic Basket

New moms will always appreciate hampers of baby things for their baby boys. This seagrass basket is filled to the brim with cute and sustainable clothing items for their precious baby boy including baby booties for those wee feet, knitted and wooden lion rattle, plush and knitted lion and a plush security blanket which if it isn’t cute enough on its own, can be personalized. The basket also has a baby hat, a baby lion jacket, footed bootie bottoms, a lion, and a striped onesie all organically made, of course. also offers jet-speed delivery (I’m sure you figured that out just by the name).

For that loved one who always have cold feet:

Cozy Eco Friendly Slippers

Who doesn’t love fuzzy slippers? These slippers are stylish and comfortable with the added benefit of being eco-friendly. All MadeTrade products are dubbed as “ethically elevated” which means that you are making a positive impact every time you shop with them. Do you know what this means? Quarantining in the house doesn’t sound so bad after all when you live and breathe in these heaven-for-your-feet slippers.

For the master campers and grill enthusiast:

Prime 6 Charcoal Starter Pack

With sustainable charcoal produced from recycled hardwood-waste sawdust with no fillers or chemicals, this pack is sure to light up your loved ones’ next cookout. The Prime 6 can be reused and relighted up to seven times until it’s burned away. In addition to leaving very little ash, a new tree is planted by the brand for every pack you purchase. Double win!

For the techie who is always on the go:

Solar-Powered Phone Charger

Camping trips do not have to be 100 percent phone-free. This wireless, solar-powered charger is a great buddy when conventional chargers are far away. It also features a built-in compass and flashlight, quite handy for camping at night provided they have been charged during the day. Additionally, this charger can also be useful even for everyday charging needs. Who knows reducing your loved ones’ electricity bills can be so easy? Just prop them up outside on sunny days and they will soak up all that good solar power for future phone charging.

For the jewelry lover:

KBH Jewels

Minimalist-style jewelry sets are the rage these days. Everyone appreciates these beautiful, covetable, and lifelong gifts but who knew these can also be sustainable and innovative? This collection is handcrafted with 14K of solid reclaimed gold, lab-grown diamonds, and sustainably cultured pearls. Even the jewelry pouches are made with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified materials. So you see, that bling does not need to come with ecosystem destruction, water pollution, armed conflicts, child labor, and unsafe working conditions.

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