Help The Hungry Through Crypto Donations

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Crypto servers release carbon gas which causes climate change. Choose solutions that use renewable energy.

Cryptocurrency seems like it’s a currency that has no inherent value except for evading the taxman but some companies have decided they can find ways to use the decentralized nature of crypto for good. Some charities give back in tokens, and some donate data or access to it. The startup founded by Green Prophet’s Karin Kloosterman was put in place to decentralize data from the agro business, taking it out of the hands of companies like Syngenta and back into the hands of people, such as farmers who collect the data. 

But there are other projects joining the league:

The partnership between Food for Life Global and the Milk and Butter Tokens has proven to be one of the biggest charitable crypto projects, where 5% of every Butter token transaction directly goes into a charity wallet to then be distributed to charities voted on by holders. By investing in the Milk and Butter tokens, crypto enthusiasts can help people in need globally and be a significant factor in reducing world hunger. 

Food for Life Global has endeavored to distribute pure plant-based meals around the world since its beginnings, in the hopes of bringing peace and prosperity to the planet. In 1974, the inspiration behind the non-profit, Swami Prabhupada, told his yoga students that “no one within a ten-mile radius of a temple should go hungry!” In 2021, Food for Life Global has over 250 projects in 60 countries providing millions of meals daily.

Meanwhile, Milk and Butter have been steadily ascending since their launch in March and April 2021. During the first week of their launch, $16000 was donated to Food for Life Global, and so far, over $100,000, enabling the non-profit to provide 442,000 freshly cooked meals to people in need.

Milk and Butter are not only a fun way for token holders to give back to the world, but they are both deflationary, which essentially refers to the maximum supply of that specific cryptocurrency and tokens. 

Their tokenomics are innovative, and as a matter of fact, their tokens represent the first example of this charitable approach to financial systems. Milk Token holders can “churn” their Milk Tokens to gain free Butter Tokens. The more Milk tokens you stake the more Butter tokens are gained, for instance, a token investor can stake 50% of their Milk Tokens to Butter with zero fees, and 5% of all Butter transactions will go to a charity wallet!

Make the change 

To date, the Milk and Butter Tokens have donated over $445,000 to non-profit organizations. Their partnership with Food for Life Global is believed to be the biggest help towards ending world hunger, with over 442,000 children in need being fed through the Butter transaction donations. In fact, the Butter and Milk Tokens have fed nearly 1 million people in total with their donations, and thanks to the OM guarantee certification, Food For Life Global has added an additional EOS blockchain recording system in place to track exactly how many people have been fed with their donations.

As mentioned above, the Milk and Butter Tokens are deflationary, but the majority of the public is still doubtful about crypto technology and hesitant to invest. However, a significant event has shown investors to be more attracted to investing in these tokens. Amidst the recent huge market downturn, the Butter Token still raised $69,900 in 7 days! Demonstrating the significant value of the Butter token even through market dips. Food For Life Global received $34,700, and Action Against Hunger $35,200, enough to feed 150,000 hungry children.

While many people are still unfamiliar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the increasing interest, funding, and donation opportunities have sparked the interest of many more in the charity sector, prompting not only individual charities to start accepting cryptocurrencies, but also encourages wider adoption of cryptocurrency in charity.

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