Effective Ways to Use Your Storefront Window for Marketing

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Store owners install storefront windows for functional purposes. These practical uses include separating the interior of the store from the exterior. The storefront window and the door serves as the boundary or borders of the store. As such, one must select a type of glass that is hard to break. These windows also protect the store from weather elements such as snow, hail, or strong rain.

But beyond this use, storefront windows have another essential use- the aesthetic purpose. This part of the store can serve as a powerful visual tool in marketing products and services. There are many ways to do this. Read on to gather some inspiration.

Say It with Words and Images

Some businesses use a strong combination of words and images to drive foot traffic. Personalized vinyl decals can help with this marketing style. Store owners may opt to print out their logos or a catchy phrase. Then, they stick these ads on their storefront windows. Stickers made from paper will fade in a short period. But with vinyl, the life expectancy of the signage can last anywhere from 5 to fifteen years.

This marketing tool is very versatile. Many businesses can use it such as clothing stores, restaurants, spas, and salons, only to name a few. The designs and sizes also come with many options. You can go subtle and classic with calligraphy texts or bold and big with large images. These adhesives are sure to catch the attention of people passing by. You can also give basic information such as services offered or the operating hours.

Create an Appealing Story

Storefront windows can serve as a life-size frame of displays featuring your products like the way Expocart does with fabrics. You can go as straightforward as arranging your products on shelves or mannequins. But, if you want to catch more interest from people, you can be more creative.

Storefront window displays can depict a scenario. An example is a beach scene to showcase summer wear. Do not deck only the mannequins. You can put summer lounge chairs, beach balls, and even sand. For a store offering kitchen appliances and utensils, they can put up an entire kitchen look. This way, people can see how the products can go well together.

Get Smart, Go Digital

Smart glass is another innovation when it comes to storefront window marketing. This type of glass can switch from being transparent to opaque in split seconds. As a transparent glass, it is the same as an ordinary storefront window. It could be used to showcase product displays. But, when it turns opaque, it serves as an HD projection screen.

You can wow passersby with vibrant digital advertisements about your products. You can get their attention with stunning images or engaging videos. It is also a good way to inform them of exciting deals and sales that you have in your store. You may also choose to set it on a half-transparent mode. With this setup, there is a fusion of digital ads and a glimpse of your merchandise inside.

Ride on More Advanced Technology

Technology never stops growing. A simple storefront window can become interactive. A store in Sweden stepped up its game with technology when they turned their store window to a catalog. This giant screen detects the presence of pedestrians through motion sensors. It comes to life and the person can start interacting with it using a QR code from their mobile. This can be done by using a dynamic QR code generator.

Storefront windows can engage more than the sight. Large TV displays become pointless when sound cannot pass through the window’s glass. Surface speakers can now make brand awareness a complete sensory experience. Window shoppers will not only engage with sights but with sounds, as well.

Let Them Peek In

A simple way to use your storefront window is to leave it as it is. Keep it sparkling clean and as transparent as it can be. The idea here is to let passersby see what you have to offer inside.

A restaurant or café can showcase its beautiful ambiance. This will be reason enough for passersby to get enticed and have a meal or enjoy a cup inside. A retail store can draw attention with its clean layout and varied merchandise. Then, potential customers may come in and decide on a purchase.

Window shoppers can be customers based on what they see on your storefront windows. Choose a strategy that best gives the story of your brand. You can also choose a combination of these ideas. The important thing is to see how passersby or pedestrians engage with your style. Innovate and change as you see fit.

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