Dubai Airport Flash Mob Dance Will Make You Smile!

[youtube][/youtube]If you thought that Emiratis lacked a sense of humor, you obviously haven’t seen this!

This isn’t necessarily green news, but it does have potential for sparking green activism projects: At the end of October 55 people posing as airport personnel and other normal citizens broke out in a well-rehearsed dance at the Dubai International Airport. It was a “flash mob” and it took months to organize. The film of the event has gone viral with thousands of hits within hours of being posted on YouTube.

Scott Mars­hall from Dubai-based Diverse Choreogr­aphy was responsible for the high-energy routines that amassed hundreds of happy travelers. Real airport workers knew that the event was going to take place, so this isn’t a case of crazy westerners hijacking the Emirate airport. Instead, the mob dance was a marketing ploy sponsored by the airport to draw attention to the DXB Connect Debit Card.

This just goes to show that despite all the fun poked at rich sheikhs like Hamad, who carved his name into a beach so that it would be visible from space, and gold mercedes drivers, the Emiratis have a sense of adventure and humor. We hope that their willingness to hold a flash mob event, which definitely flouts convention, bodes well for future environmental policies as well!

:: YouTube via Global Post

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5 thoughts on “Dubai Airport Flash Mob Dance Will Make You Smile!”

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  2. Tafline,
    This Dubai Airport Flash Mob Dance really make me smile.
    It’s cool!

  3. tali gi li utugula says:

    like fish in the sea,beauty in motion!!!!

  4. Talia says:

    Sure made me smile! As always, a nice article by Tafline Laylin.

  5. Oman says:

    would have been nice if there were Emiraties as participants

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