Israeli Site Advertises Moon Dwellings

Amid soaring real-estate prices that sent scores of protestors to the streets last year, an Israeli company recently ran a marketing campaign for affordable lunar homes. According to a report published in the Times of Israel, an email circulated among local press promised that intrepid home seekers could purchase “Beautiful apartment towers … built in plastic bubbles” and “apartments […]

Dubai Airport Flash Mob Dance Will Make You Smile!

If you thought that Emiratis lacked a sense of humor, you obviously haven’t seen this! This isn’t necessarily green news, but it does have potential for sparking green activism projects: At the end of October 55 people posing as airport personnel and other normal citizens broke out in a well-rehearsed dance at the Dubai International […]


Women going green

Jen Drexler talks to Green Prophet about how to help women make greener choices. An American marketing extraordinaire, Jen Drexler knows what women want. She also knows what they aren’t telling! Along with her partner Mary Lou Quinlan, Jen founded Just Ask a Woman more than a decade ago, a marketing firm that helps brands […]