7 tips for an eco-friendly home makeover 

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We all want to do our bit for the environment and the first place you can start is with your home. A few changes here and there can lower your carbon footprint, reduce your emissions and make your living space a little greener for all. 

Here are just a few tips to consider to give your home an eco-friendly makeover this year – some are quick changes you can make and some require a little thought and investment on your part.  

Swap your white goods for eco-friendly models 

While we know this is a pretty steep investment, you’ll save money in the long run and you won’t be consuming as much energy or damaging the environment. Plus, you can also store your old washing machine or fridge in a storage unit until you can sell it – these come in all shapes and sizes, with even locker sized units available to keep a single white good safe for sale. 

Wash clothes on a lower temperature

If you don’t want to swap your white goods – or plan to do so over a longer period of time – that’s no problem. Simply look for ways of reducing the impact your existing appliances have on the environment. Wash your clothes on a lower temperature and you could use significantly less energy. In fact, it’s believed that switching the temperature to 30°C from 40°C, could see you use 40% less energy over the year

Swap your light bulbs for LEDs 

It’s time to ditch the halogens in the kitchen and bathroom! These light bulbs gobble up energy, increasing your carbon footprint. Instead, look for LED light bulbs that are energy efficient while still providing a bright glow in the room. 

Turn down the thermostat 

It’s time to dig out the blankets and those oversized jumpers in favour of cranking the heating up. The recommended temperature for a home to keep it eco friendly is 18°C, which should keep things toasty when paired with snuggly knitwear. 

Skip the tumble dryer 

When you just want to get those towels dry or the bedding washed and ready to go back on the bed, it’s sorely tempting to throw everything in the tumble dryer. But these devices are not great for the environment. If you can hang your washing outside, that’s preferred – or put them near a radiator or window where they can dry quicker. 

Look into solar panels 

These are more of an investment – but there are schemes out there that can help the cost of solar panels. Plus, once installed, you can sign up for the Smart Export Guarantee which means energy companies buy spare power from you – so you could even make some money back over time! Solar energy is renewable, green and panels can increase the value of your home – so it’s definitely an eco-friendly option to consider. 

Trap the heat 

In the midst of winter, we want to keep our homes as warm as possible – especially if we’ve turned the thermostat down. This means taking it upon ourselves to block any draughts that may be getting in. Blackout curtains, insulating blinds and draught excluders along the bottom of doorways are just three easy ways to trap heat and make your home a little more energy efficient. 

It’s also worth looking into loft insulation if yours doesn’t have much. Heat rises and can escape through the roof, which means all that energy you’re using to keep your home warm doesn’t count for much. You can buy loft insulation in rolls from a DIY store that can be simply rolled out across the space to trap heat and keep the lower floors cosier. 

Try out these tips for an eco-friendly makeover this year and enjoy a greener home for you and your family. 

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