How to Remove Scratches from Eyeglasses

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Maybe they are made from sustainably sourced bamboo or handmade wood. Whatever the source you need to protect those glasses so they last you a lifetime. Here’s how.

Perhaps you’re tired of getting a new pair of glasses every time the old one gets some scratches on them. Or maybe you’re just looking to learn something new. Whichever the case is for you, knowing how to remove scratches from eyeglasses is a knowledge that would come in quite handy a lot of times.

For those who use reading or prescription glasses on a regular basis, discovering scratches on them can be very frustrating. This damage not only reduces the beauty; it also disturbs your vision, thereby creating a problem it is supposed to fix. Don’t worry; you don’t need a new one yet. You can remove the scratches, and they will serve you for a longer time.

Below, you’d find instructions on how your sleek pair of glasses can come out new. What’s more? The things you need to get it done are common household items. You’re probably looking at one of them right now.

Causes and How to Avoid Them

Before we go into methods for getting rid of those annoying scratches, let’s mention some things that cause them. Sometimes, you discover these scratches and keep wondering how they go there. Knowing these makes it easy for you to escape some avoidable scratches.

Some Eyeglasses Are Not Made of Glass

Some of the glasses you buy have lenses that are not made of glass but plastic. Plastic is long-lasting and does not wear easily. They are also safer since they do not shatter like glasses. However, they get scratches easily. If you want eyeglasses that are less prone to scratches, make sure you get one that is made of glass. Buy from a reliable seller and ask questions to confirm what they are giving you.

Particles Adhere to Glasses

Depending on your environment, you have dust and other particles flying around. These particles can easily get stuck on the lenses. Now, when you rub your glasses in this condition, the particles scratch the lens. To solve this issue, you should not store your glasses where they can get exposed to these particles. Instead, store them in a proper case or microfiber bag.

Harsh Fabrics Can Cause a Scratch

Cleaning the eyeglasses with harsh fabrics would make them get scratches. These fabrics may also contain particles that scratch them. Instead of using a random cloth, get a dedicated microfiber cloth for use only on your lenses. Whenever you want a deeper cleaning, you may rinse with warm water before rubbing gently with a washing liquid. Then dry with a microfiber cloth after rinsing the soap off with water.

Handling Glasses Roughly

Sometimes, scratches can come from simply handling the eyeglasses the wrong way. Do not hold the glasses by the lens; instead, use the temple/arms. This will prevent particles on your palm or skin from scratching them. Also, do not place with the lenses facing the flat surface.

Methods for Removing Scratches on Eyeglasses

  •                 Baking Soda

Baking soda is usually one of the first suggestions that experts give when discussing removing scratches from glasses. The abrasion rating of baking soda makes it effective for removing scratches on eyeglasses without causing wear. This method involves adding water to baking soda and mixing it to form a gel. Then, apply gently on the eyeglasses. Buff into the scratch for 30 seconds, wipe clean, and allow to dry. This process can be repeated if necessary.

  •                 Car Wax

Car wax is a compound that eliminates scratches on a vehicle. Some of them can also be used for eyeglasses. Some of the popular ones include Turtle Wax. However, ensure you check read the instructions and information before using them on your lenses.

To use car wax, you have to make sure that the surface is free from dust and other particles. Then, gently apply the car wax on the scratch using a microfiber cloth. The steps have to be repeated depending on how deep the scratch is. Rinse with lukewarm water when you’re through and dry.

  •                 Toothpaste

The use of toothpaste is popular for removing scratches, but it has the potentials to damage the eyeglasses if not properly carried out. That is because some toothpaste brands have particles that can harm the glasses further.

Therefore, you need to get toothpaste with a low RDA. The application is by gentle circular motions using a microfiber cloth. Then, rinse and leave to dry. The process can be repeated for deeper scratches.

  •                   Glass Etching

There are different brands of glass etching compounds in the market that you can select from. Glass etching is powerful, and you may have to put on a hand glove before application. A cotton swab or microfiber cloth can be used for the application. However, avoid rubbing in on the scratch like the baking soda or toothpaste. Instead, apply on the glass’s surface and allow it to remain untouched for five minutes. Rinse and allow to dry. This method is useful for giving your glasses a longer lifespan.


The knowledge of fixing scratches can be very useful in saving your eyeglass and some money. Resist the urge to clean scratches with the cloth you’re wearing or your finger. Instead, you should clean properly using a microfiber cloth, and the methods above can be helpful in fixing scratches. If the glasses’ damage is too much to be repaired by the methods above, you may need to get another one.


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