Why Installing an MVHR Unit is a Great Way to Save Money on Your Heating Bills

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A mechanical ventilation heat recovery or MVHR system is based on a heat exchanger that transfers heat from outgoing to incoming air in your ventilation system. These systems can dramatically improve your home’s indoor air quality by increasing the turnover of air while thoroughly filtering it. They are also one of the greenest technologies you can add to your home. Let’s learn why installing an MVHR unit is a great way to save money on your heating bills.

It Reduces Your Overall Energy Needs

Not only can an MHVR help you save on energy bills in the winter, but it can do so all year long as well. When incoming air is partially heated by the outgoing air, you don’t need to turn the thermostat higher to warm it even further. In the summer, the incoming air is cooled, and the heat is pulled from the outgoing air.

Furthermore, the MVHR system can capture latent heat that is otherwise lost to the atmosphere like exhaust from your clothes dryer or the hot steam from your last shower. This is why a heat recovery ventilation system can reduce your heating and cooling needs by up to a third.

It Keeps Your Home’s Temperature Consistent

An MVHR system can reduce your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs in other ways. For example, you can add a larger vent and fan to the bathroom or kitchen to pull that hot, humid air and distribute it throughout the house. This can eliminate the need to turn on ventilation fans to vent that hot, wet air outside.

Those types of fans may pull heated or cooled air out of your home, forcing you to run the heaters or to make up for it. Furthermore, the MVHR system distributes heat, eliminating hot and cold spots in most homes. This may mean you don’t have to run a heater in the coldest room of the house. If you have several radiators in your home, the MVHR system will help distribute that heat throughout the house, reducing the need to rely on supplemental heaters.

It Improves Your Home’s Air Quality

MVHR systems rely on extensive air filtration. This allows you to remove odours and dust from your home without having to open a door or window, and thus reduce the amount of hot air that escapes the house.

The high rate of air exchange will also prevent moisture from building up inside the house. High humidity can make the air feel uncomfortable but also exacerbate certain conditions. In many cases, people will choose to turn on a dehumidifier or open a window, which puts more demand on your heating system. If MVHR systems remove that excess moisture, you won’t need your heating to make up for it.

Depending on the system you install, it may transfer humidity from the outgoing to the incoming air as well. Best of all, it will prevent a build-up of mould and dust in a home. This is why an MVHR system is a great choice for those with asthma or allergies.

MVHR systems are an integral part of the modern energy-efficient home and should be considered by all homeowners. Improving your indoor air quality and overall quality of life is just the cherry on top.

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