Ventilation System with Heat Recovery To Help Combat Covid-19

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The outbreak of Covid-19, and the impact it has had on the world, has changed the way we live and how we think about many social situations.

Masks are becoming more and more common when people are outdoors and in public spaces. The air we breathe has suddenly come under extra scrutiny. The strength of this illness and the speed with which it spreads is a threat to our communities and families that should not be underestimated. Having a home or business with a ventilation system with heat recovery can help combat the spread of Covid-19 and protect us in the event of an outbreak or a lockdown.

How Do These Systems Protect Against Covid-19?

Ventilation systems with heat recovery are well known for being an energy-efficient home or business heating solution, but one of the many added benefits they have is air purification.

The systems draw air in from the outside and heat it in order to warm the building, but before they do the air passes through a high-grade HEPA air filtration system that removes a number of particles, including bacteria. These filters are similar to an N95 grade face mask and provide similar protections, but for all the air in the building. This gives you the freedom to stop wearing a face mask but offers a similar level of protection as wearing a mask.

Why Are These Systems Energy-Efficient?

By using a ventilation with heat recovery system instead of a traditional furnace or water boiling system, you can make big savings on your heating costs.

Many heating systems use large amounts of electricity, or they burn natural gas in order to heat water piped throughout the home. This water then sits in radiators that bring heat to rooms and hallways. Ventilation systems that use heat recovery heat the air and pump it to each area. Waste heat is reclaimed from stale air that is expelled and the system and used to heat fresh air that has been drawn from the outside and filtered.

Combined with high-quality home insulation and energy-efficient windows, the cost of heating your home can be dramatically reduced.

Are Ventilation with Heat Recovery Systems Complicated to Install and Use?

Ventilation and heat recovery systems are actually incredibly simple to operate, and their installation can often be done in just one or two days.

The system pumps the heated air using ducts that fit into crawl spaces and under floors, where it is vented into every room and hallway. This installation can be done quickly and allows you to remove any radiators and water heat pipes, reclaiming space. The units that power the system also have a small and discreet footprint that will allow you to get even more space back in your home or business by removing water boilers and hot water tanks. 

Using a ventilation system with heat recovery to heat your premises and help combat Covid-19 is a great idea, and also a sound investment for the future. Outbreaks like the Covid-19 outbreak of 2020 may become more common in the future, and having high-grade filters to purify the air in your building could give you, your family, and your employees, extra protection during a lockdown.

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