10 Steps to creating an e-commerce

"solar panel roof"

Let’s say you wanted to set up an online business to do something good for our planet. Like solar panels for every home and building. How do you start? Here are some tips.

Shopping online is more popular than ever, and it is here to stay. 

Setting up an online store is still cheaper than setting up a physical store, especially with the variety of platforms that exist today.

However, creating a successful e-commerce is not an easy task. So, having a good team of professionals to develop the project is essential.

If you were thinking of starting your own e-commerce, read on because this post will serve as a basis to make your dreams come true.

Before you jump into the pool, you should consider several factors that we will list below.

1.  Choose the product based on your target audience

This first step after carefully studying the market and selecting our target audience, is choosing the right products and services that solve their needs.

The question you have to ask yourself is, do you want to have an online store specialized in one product or do you want to have a multi-product online store from several sectors?

Our advice is: analyze the product, the competition and the market well, and then decide.

2. Choose the name, logo and register the domain

Choosing a good name for your e-commerce is essential to attract your target audience. It is important that both the domain and the name are short, easy to memorize and can be easily typed.

Also, make sure your logo and slogans convey authority and confidence while representing your business identity.

3. Register Social Networks

Social media is your best weapon of communication and advertising and they can help with search engine positioning. But don’t just settle for Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google + are other essential social networks.

4. Hire a hosting

Having a good connection speed is key to good positioning in search engines so make sure you choose a good hosting company.

If the page takes more than a few seconds to load and is very slow, it will be penalized by Google. We recommend that you hire reliable hosting companies, which do not fall and leave the shop out of service at any time.

5. Customize and organize your products in your online store

Users should have access to the list of products or services you offer. So include photos, methods, details, advantages and facilities of your products. The more information available to your customers the better.

6. Register your business

One person businesses are generally not required to register with government agencies, but most companies do. Depending on your needs, you will have to register either as a (LLC), a (LLP) or as a corporation.

7. Register databases and draw up legal texts and consumer regulations

The 3 steps are important and essential to be able to sell in your online store.

As far as the legal texts and consumer rules are concerned, take a look at other websites and try to adapt them to your business.

8. Hire a shipping company

Contact several e-commerce shipping companies and ask for quotes. Take into account, though, that you will not have good prices until you have a considerable volume of shipments. Remember that you will also have to get boxes and packaging to send your products safely.

9. Define the means of payment

Ideally, you should offer your customers as many payment method options as possible: the more buying methods available, the more purchases will be done.

10. Get traffic

This point can be the most difficult to execute, as you may start with very few visits a day. We recommend that you get the help of a good SEO agency that helps rank your website in the first page of Google Search results. Also, we suggest that you use the right social networks to give your contents maximum exposure.

Thousands of packages are either stolen, lost in NYC alone and it is only getting worse as more people prefer to shop online. The procedure to handle or claim stolen packages can be lengthy and cumbersome with no instant resolution.

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