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It’s now months into your hometown’s COVID-19 paralysis and you’ve exhausted ways to keep positive and productive. You need to replenish your toolkit of coping techniques, whether you’re cooped up solo, shacked up with a mate, or running a home school – slash – daycare center. Fear not! Green Prophet brings you point and click diversions, all free.

I’m in New York City. I’ve Marie Kondo-ed my apartment three times. Cooked weeks’ worth of new vegetarian meals, and shared them with neighbors. Sewn dozens of goofy face masks ’til my elastic stash ran dry.

I’m lucky in that I’m still working; hours of ZOOM and WebEx conferences where the new virtual office “bingo” is guessing who’ll talk the longest before realizing they’re on mute.

Netflix binging and the head-twist of switching between CNN and Fox News have lost their charms. And the 7 PM ringing of pots and pans and clapping and singing for our medical workers – while heartfelt – has me eyeing the rooftops for a good jumping off point.

So much for being positive and productive.  What I need is a new diversion. Seems I’m not at all alone.  Casting out a net via the internet – a digital call for help – and I caught a whopper.  A list, ever-changing and expanding, of free experiential websites that surely contain something that appeals to you.

Check it out, and widely share. And if you have links to other sites that will take users on a much-needed break from current events – please drop them in the comments section. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and enjoy.


Drawing tutorials and live draw sessions

Design a Sketchbook

Create your Ideal Bookshelf

Art links – drawing, painting, etc.

Coronavirus Reward Stickers

Shoes to Color


Museum Virtual Tours

Van Gogh Museum


British Museum

The Metropolitan Museum

Google Arts & Culture

1200 museums online

Musee d’Orsay

Boston Children’s Museum

Cooper Hewitt “Digital Mansion”

NYC Museum List


Download free books from New York Public Library

Outdoor Destinations:

National Park Virtual Tours

Tour the Great Wall of China

Virtually Tour Famous Gardens

Georgia Aquarium Live Feed

Explore Yellowstone National Park

Farm Tour

Tour Mars with the Curiosity Rover

New York Botanical Garden at Home

Home Workouts;

For Beginners

15 min beginner workout

20 min – no equipment needed

28-day challenge

Low impact cardio

Additional Resource: The Best Deadlift Bar and Deadlift Brands


Down Dog


Planet Fitness

Yoga with Adrienne


Caribbean Dance Fitness

Belly Dance Basics

Dance Fitness


Scientific 7 Minute Workout

Bollywood Dance Basics

Hip Hop Dance Basics

Debbie Allen dance lessons


Online Music Education

Billboard magazine live stream concerts

Marie’s Crisis Live Piano Bar 

Public Broadcasting S 13 Play Recordings


The Met Live Streams

Vienna Opera


Japanese crossword puzzles

Mental Health:

Free Online Classes


Comedy Cellar live stream shows


Baby Goat Cam

San Diego Zoo Cam

Aquarium Cam

Smithsonian National Zoo Cam


Learn to Sew

Sew Face Masks

Free films:

Stream curated shorts from Tribeca Film Festival

Free films online

Jewish films and television

Documentaries from Field of Vision

Public Broadcasting free films

Free cultural and educational content



Streaming Musicals and Theater

More Free Theater

National Theater streaming

Links to streaming theater that’s available now


Cooking with Massimo Bottura

Cooking with Antoni Porowski 

Food Network Kitchen App


Live Doodling with Mo Willems daily

Teaching Kids to Sew

Virtual Field Trips for Kids

Tuesday story telling with the Moth and activities for kids

Educational Netflix Shows

Engineering activities for Kids

Scary Crime Stories:

True Crime – listen read, watch

Find something you liked? Know some links we missed?  Please drop your info in the comments section. We all need more positive diversion.

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