Health Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pets

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The joy that pets bring to their owners is immeasurable. Your furry, cute, and active animal friend jumping around you, giving you innocent, happy kisses as they make you laugh with their funny ways–nothing beats that.

Like human beings, pets get sick, too, and that’s the last thing you wish to happen as a doting owner. In line with that, one product that has been raved by many in recent years is CBD oil for your pet, which is believed to improve both human and pet health.

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But, what is CBD Oil and what are its health benefits for pets?   Read below to know the answers to these questions.

What Is CBD Oil?

Many still associate CBD oil with the toxic effects of weed or marijuana. In the real sense, CBD is found in both cannabis and hemp, but is usually extracted from the latter. The cannabidiol or CBD in hemp does not have the psychoactive properties present in the likes of marijuana, and has zero toxicity level, which makes it safe for use.

A lot of people wonder what makes CBD good for health and how it works in the body. Research has shown that this compound positively interacts with mammals’ endocannabinoid (ECS), which is involved in many biological processes, like sleep, immune response, etc. The ECS has two different types of cannabinoid receptors–CB1 and CB2–which help the body’s biological system to interact with CBD, which, in turn, produces beneficial responses for the body. The interaction between the ECS and cannabidiol proves that the latter can be ingested safely by both humans and pets.

Health Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pets

Equipped with knowledge about how CBD functions in the biological systems of mammals, including pets, many companies and CBD brands, such as HolistaPet, have already embarked on the journey of perfecting varieties of CBD oils and derivatives that effectively address many pet-related ailments.

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Below are a few reasons why CBD oil is great for pets:

  1. CBD Oil Relieves Pain

CBD has pain-relieving properties that have become some sort of a miracle for many who experience chronic pains. And, just as it functions well for humans, it also does work well for pets who are not exempted from occasional slight pains and the very chronic ones, too.

Administering CBD oil for your pet whenever they show any sign of discomfort could do them a lot of good.

2.                  CBD Oil Manages Pet Seizures

It’s no new thing that pets also experience seizures and, in some cases, epilepsy. A good number of pets are prone to experiencing these issues, and which could worsen when treated with other seizure reducing medications, thereby creating more problems.

Fortunately, CBD oil can help subdue seizures and epilepsy without leaving behind a long trail of side-effects and new problems.

3.                  CBD Oil Tackles Inflammations

CBD has been proven to be extra effective in tackling inflammations and inflammation-related ailments in both humans and pets, like arthritis, autoimmune diseases like lupus, inflammatory bowel diseases, and others, as it possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

4.                  CBD Oil Manages Anxiety

Many times, pets, just like human beings, also suffer from anxiety and stress, and these issues can usually be seen in their actions. Fortunately, administering CBD oil can calm their nerves. CBD Oil tackles anxiety by targeting receptors in the brain to release more serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for boosting positive mood.

5.                  CBD Oil For Tumors

Researchers have found out that CBD oil can slow down the growth of cancerous tumors, keeping them from spreading to other cells of the body.

6.                  CBD Oil For Heart Health

CBD oil also helps in treating heart issues by improving cardiac functions and acting as an antiarrhythmic medication for better blood flow. To achieve this, the CBD oil must be administered alongside the usage of a CB1 receptor antagonist.

7.                  CBD Oil For Healthy Bones

Pets with chronic and severe cases of osteoporosis can be treated with CBD oil, which helps in promoting the growth of new bones and strengthening the damaged ones. Intake of CBD oil, which targets the CB2 receptors present in peripheral tissues, helps in stimulating bone formation as well as in combating osteoporosis.

8.                  CBD Oil Relieves Nausea And Lack Of Appetite

At times, your pets may experience lack of appetite and nausea for various reasons, but usually as a side effect of taking certain medications. Unlike other medications prescribed for nausea, CBD oil targets the serotonin receptors of the brain, which also help in relieving anxiety.

The boosting of the serotonin levels in the brain then helps to suppress the nauseous feeling along with the accompanying symptoms of vomiting and lack of appetite. Constant and continued stimulation of the cannabinoid receptor of the brain through the intake of CBD may also help reduce the aforementioned symptoms. Also, unlike other anti-nausea medications, CBD appears to not have the side effects that other medications have.


CBD oil is not only good for humans, but also for pets. CBD can help manage common health issues faced by pets, such as lack of appetite, nausea, pain, seizures, inflammation, and anxiety. CBD Oil may also help in improving heart and bone health among pets, as well as in slowing down the growth of cancerous tumors in their bodies.

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