Get to Know the Variety of Deck Railings

Deck railings are highly visible, so you need to carefully consider the patterns, materials, and style. Railings on elevated decks are essential for safety purpose. Several railing designs are available that can transform your deck appearance. 

Common materials applied for deck balustrade

  • Wood – Offers classic look and style.
  • Steel – Can be chosen in a variety of forms including nickel and copper.
  • Aluminum – It is light-weight yet adds strength to the railing.
  • Stone – Stones can be used to create a solid design or used as posts to keep railing together.

Types of deck railings 

The cost of every deck railing will depend on the material chosen and the length needed. 

  • Chippendale

There are several lines, which meet in the center and create an X-shape with a series of small lines. It fits compatibly on horizontal rails. It gives an elaborate and beautiful look. Staining and painting is a little challenging as the design is intricate.

  • Rustic

Treated wood material with few spots and rough edges offers a rustic look. The material looks wild and natural. You can choose any kind of railing design. However, painting and staining can be hard as the design will be irregular.

  • Turned baluster

A cylindrical shape with a series of curves gives a traditional look. Each turned balustrade post can differ. Pair it with a large base at the bottom and top to support general railing design. This design does not work great with dark colors. 

  • Rod railing

Horizontal rod rails on an elevated deck offer a contemporary outdoor-style approach. The look is casual yet classy, and the lines are clean and consistent all across. 

  • Wrought iron

Wrought iron is not just limited to commercial settings but can be used in residential projects. It offers classy designs that add a warm look. You can get wrought iron designs painted in different colors. Wrought iron needs to be sealed and coated to avoid rusting. 

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  • Cable railings

Series of cables are organized horizontally and paired with metal posts. It is a slim yet beautiful option. The only drawback is excess pressure can potentially break the cables.

  • Glass panelsSharifi House, nextoffice, tehran, Iran, Iranian architecture, transformer house, rotating house, rotating rooms, daylighting, energy efficiency, modular design, iranian architects

Glass panels are designed from straight sheets with few slots supported with wood or steel materials. The deck gets a modern look. Glass offers transparency features and can be easily customized. Unfortunately, the surface is scratchable and you need to clean the surface often.

  • Rope

For a nautical look use carefully woven fibers and string it on a metal or wooden base. Ropes are available in different thickness level. Weather can wear ropes and they can come apart.


  • Sunburst 

Sunburst or fan is a remarkable and attractive style. The design is simple yet elaborate. You can have it wide or narrow. Cleaning the balustrade is a challenge. 

  • Curved railing

For a rounded deck, gently curved aluminum railing offers a great compliment. If the deck has wood-looks, then choose a rich brown curved aluminum railing to provide a contrast to the natural tan. Moreover, match the aluminum railing with white posts. 

Make sure to look for a quality railing that gives a relaxed and formal look. Even check how appealing the structure is!

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