Top activities to explore the natural beauty of Dubai

sand dune riding 4x4 dubai

Beautiful nature may not be something that pops into your mind when you think of Dubai. Mostly everyone knows the skyscrapers and glitzy side of it. Nature and Dubai might seem a bit inconceivable together. But surprisingly, there is a side of Dubai that is entwined with nature. 

Here are three things to do in Dubai if you want to explore its terrain and wildlife: 

A safari trip to the desert

There are places even in Dubai filled with lush greenery. But they are all backdropped with the burnt orange color of the sand. So the predominant character of Dubai’s nature is this — desert sand spotted with patches of green vegetation. That doesn’t mean there is no life in it. In the desert, life thrives inside the desert dunes. Some animals and birds live burrowed under the sand. Beneath it, some seeds have been lying dormant for thousands of years.

A safari tour will let you experience the intricacies of the desert. You can easily find great desert safari deals here. The safari trip starts from the red dunes of Lahbab. Lahbab desert is a 45 minutes’ drive from Dubai city. The place where you arrive in the desert itself is scenic. You can click pictures as you wait for other desert safari cars to arrive. 

Google Street view in the desert

After the safari cars have come and form a convoy, it’s time for dune bashing. You might have gone to amusement parks and experienced roller coaster rides that give butterflies in your stomach. Dune bashing is a lot like that, but instead, it is on the sand. The loose and mushy sands provide a perfect terrain for this thrill.

The dune bashing lasts for 30 minutes, taking breaks in between for snapping pictures of the sunset. After that, we go to the desert camp. It is the camp where all the rest of the fun happen. You can ride on camels, take the quad bikes out for a spin, and capture pictures with the national bird of the UAE.

Explore the Arabic heritage and Bedouin life in the desert camp. There you can try the traditional dress and henna painting. It’s also about the food. After the sunset, the floor is open for dinner and entertainment performances. When it gets dark, gaze upon the sky with innumerable stars. Nowhere else you can get an unobstructed and exquisite view of the sky.

A relaxing dinner cruise 

dhow in Dubai

A dinner cruise is a great way to explore the waterways of Dubai. There are natural and artificial waterways in the city. The naturally occurring creek aided the development of Dubai from its beginning. The other one is the Dubai Marina, which was once the largest marina in the world. It still is the poshest area in Dubai, and dhow cruises operate in both of these places. 

Dhow Dubai cruises in Marina and Creek are in stark contrast to each other. A dinner cruise through Creek lets you witness the history and heritage of Dubai. There you can see the old buildings before the boom in the 60s and 70s. These areas are now preserved as a part of the Al Fahidi historical district. Just adjacent to that, there is an open-air shopping mall with buildings that resemble the old settlements. On the other side is Deira, which is more of a market area than Bur Dubai. It is where Dubai’s famous souks are — the Spice Souk and Gold Souk. These are the traditional versions of the modern shopping malls where you can buy things at affordable prices.

The marina dinner cruise is very different in this regard. There are gravity-defying buildings all over the place and top-notch restaurants showing off the luxury and upbeat. When you are on the dhow, you can see luxury yachts docked in the wharves, upscale dining areas, five-star hotels, and western tourists who are there to have a good time.

Dhow cruise combines excellent dining with a great sightseeing experience, which makes it one of the must-try things in Dubai. You should experience a dinner cruise in both Marina and Creek if your budget and time allow for that.

Exploring the sea

sailing yacht in dubai

The sea has been the lifeline of Dubai for hundreds of years. Though the Arabs don’t hunt pearls anymore, it still plays a major role in the economy of Dubai. 

A yacht trip takes you to the sea and around the famous landmarks of Dubai. It is also interesting that there are so many attractions in Dubai that are located near the beaches, not to mention a slew of artificial islands. 

A yacht charter also gives you privacy and an escape from the busy and noisy cities. Sail into the tranquility of the sea and enjoy the view. You can catch fish and cook them onboard or simply tell us if you want your dinner arranged on the boat. One of the exquisite venues to host parties in Dubai is the yacht. It ensures that your guests enjoy every moment of the party.

When you have walked around the dazzling cityscape and wish to try something new, try the activities that are close to nature. 

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