Healthy Hair As You Travel: Our Guide To Amazing Looking Hair

Do you shampoo or do no poo? Some countries have soft water, others hard. How can you keep your eco “poo” regimen while you travel?

With a daily routine set in stone for us to achieve healthy hair, travelling can throw a spanner in the works. However, travel-sized products, as well as forward planning, can help to ensure as little disruption as possible. Though it can be difficult to combat hair loss for those that have been experiencing it for a long time there are a number of FUE hair transplant UK clinics that can provide outstanding results to restore the hairline and aid in building confidence. Whether you are considering a hair transplant to help with the hair loss already experienced or you are looking to prevent it before it gets too bad, it is important to have a plan in place, even when travelling to ensure healthy hair at all times.

UV Protection From The Sun

When travelling it can be difficult to determine what the weather will be like beforehand, and although the weather may be slightly cooler depending on where you are travelling to, the hair can still be affected by the sun. Therefore, opting for UV protection serums or a spray can protect the hair from becoming damaged as well as ensuring that the scalp does not become burnt throughout the course of your trip.

Hats And Scarves In Cold Weather

If the weather is significantly cooler where you are travelling it may be beneficial to use a hat and a scarf to prevent damage. Whether this is the prevention of split ends or the reduction in the amount of wind-damaged caused to the hair as it is pulled in all directions. This will not only help to reduce the damage caused but it will help to keep you significantly warmer throughout the course of the trip. It is also important to brush the hair when returning home at the end of every day as cool weather can cause the hair to tangle.

Conditioner To Help Prevent Dryness

Conditioner is your best friend when travelling as it can help to protect the hair against breakage whilst allowing you to fully untangle the hair without causing breakage. Whether this is a deep conditioning mask or a 3-minute conditioner treatment, these travel-sized products can help to rejuvenate the hair without taking up to much space in your suitcase. This conditioner should be applied to the lengths of the hair to prevent them from breaking without weighing your hair down a significant amount as this can lead to your washing your hair significantly more.

Avoid Using Hotel Hair Products.

Though it may seem tempting to use the products in the hotel, it is important to avoid using the hair products as the harsh formula can strip the hair of natural oils. Though this is not the case with every hotel, the majority of establishments provide strong shampoo that deep cleans the hair however this can leave it feeling dry. By bringing your own travel-sized shampoo and conditioner, you are able to maintain healthy hair regardless of the humidity and the water type. With a wide range of shampoo and conditioners in a travel size, you can bring all your favourite products away without exceeding any limits.

Whether you are looking to travel in the near future, or you are planning a big trip for 2020, you can be sure that your hair remains healthy and happy by following these few simple rules. Which will you be choosing first?

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