8 Things a Student Can Do Every Day to Make the World Better

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The young generation is always the one to make the most changes, as history’s already shown us, and the problem of keeping a more eco-friendly world is not an exception to that. We’ve seen it recently from the example of Greta Thunberg who’s dedicated her time to knock on the world’s most powerful politicians to actually start to do something about the climate change before it’s too late. However, each and every school or college student can contribute a great deal, and there is a number of ways to be more green and become an example for someone. Let’s explore the X green habits we can develop to become our second nature.

  1. Consume Less

Recycling is great, reusing is awesome, but consuming less beats it all. No, we aren’t talking about eating less, taking less medication or living an ascetic life. We’re talking about thinking twice before paying for a t-shirt that will end up in the landfill after 2-3 wearings. We’re talking about using papers when you can be perfectly fine with using the applications to note things down. Surely, they are just a few small things, but any research will show you how huge the difference they can make. 

  1. Convert to reusables

The market is full of items that can be used over and over again until they are broken and yet, everyone will pay for another coffee cup when ordering a takeaway beverage. The question is “Why?” Why do that when you can buy a travel mug, a tumbler, a thermos, a bottle — anything to carry your favorite drink around? Why throwing money on single-use plastic forks, spoons, and straws if you can be perfectly fine with the ones made of stainless steel or other long-lasting material? Finally, do you really need that plastic bag from the supermarket if you have a shopper in the trunk?

  1. Educate Other Folks in Your Writing

The more you research the issue, the more interesting findings you can share with others in your essay, blog article, research paper, or op-ed. Doing that for free or small pay will bring more common good for those who cared enough to read that. And yes, those who google ‘pay someone to do my research paperare, probably, less informed about the issue, but it’s up to you to put them in the know in your next APA paper.

  1. Support the Green Initiatives of Your Community

It’s hard to imagine even a small town that doesn’t want to make their area cleaner and greener. Many authorities are launching the eco-initiatives supported by the local businesses, and it will be dumb not to make an effort where you can. You can donate your unwanted clothes for those in need, you can start a bookcrossing thing at the library, or conduct a lecture for the community members how they can spend less for what eventually become garbage. Haven’t you found the initiative that is something like you’d support? Write to the corresponding person your vision of what should be implemented. After all, isn’t youth the main force of changes?

  1. Find an eco-friendly way to commute

As a student, you probably can’t afford an electric car just yet but is you wonder how you can change the way you get around, here is what we suggest. Riding a bike might be a great option if you need just to move from A to B on a short to medium distance. Same with a birdie. Have you got a car? Ask the neighbors if you can arrange the carpool with them, so you use the car less. It will be cheaper for both of you and beneficial for the environment. The bottom line: don’t use the gas-fueled vehicles until you absolutely have to.

  1. Recycle Properly

Not all the garbage goes into one bin, and you should know that by far. All the glass items (even the broken ones) can be reused again after the term processing. So why support new manufacturing that will need more water, more electricity, and human resources if you can contribute to recycling. Many hipster locations are looking for old chairs or beds of other items. Why not donate them for a good cause? And yes, people who throw all the garbage into one container while there are few for different things, will automatically go to the worst hell.

  1. Save water and energy

We can’t do without these two these days, but what we can is to consume them responsibly. If you can buy an energy-efficient fridge, by all means, do that. If you can install the solar panels for your home, that will be the best for your budget and nature as well. If you need to wash the fruits, please, use that water for your plants rather than watering them with fresh. And please, for the planet’s sake, use shower, not the bath.

  1. Lead by an Example

We all have the friends/relatives who all think that the eco-friendly initiatives are nothing but greenwashing by the big corporations. Although you want to yell at them as loud as you can, start with a dialogue and ask them what made them think so. Try to understand their point of view to come with examples and proofs of why they are wrong. The conflicts are the least needed thing here, but the examples of not using a bag or gifting them with a cool shopper can be the gamechanger we all need.

There are so many ways to live an eco-friendly life and still enjoy every moment without missing a thing. What it needs is a bit of education, developing a habit, and showing the example for the others to follow. The latter can take a bit more time, but in the end, we might have a chance to turn into a responsible generation that takes care of the only home we all have – the Earth.

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