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If you were a student back in 90’s, you could have worked part time at cafeterias and diners to earn some money. There wasn’t much work to find and all updates you got was through college boards or weekend classifieds. Now, it is simply a matter of clicks before you are looking at hundreds of part-time jobs to search through and apply for but many of them might still be far away from your college or it might not be paying so well. One thing has remained static over the years; a student’s budget is always a tight one and some extra amount of money is always appreciated. Here are a few tips for students to earn some decent amount of money:

  1. Become a TA– Being one of the oldest, it is still one of most sought-after on-campus jobs; not only does it pay well, but provides plenty of perks like waiving off a part of fee for foreign students. Students prefer it because they get to learn first-hand from the professor and the workplace is nearby as well. There are also a few other on-campus jobs such as a tour-guide, campus tutor, or a library assistant. You can find vacancies posted on the college notice board or ask the employment office for such updates.
  2. Connect with apps like Uber and Lyft– If you own a car or motorcycle, you can connect with Uber and work part-time to earn a proper amount; you will have to pay for the gas though. Uber confirms that more than half of its drivers work lesser than 10 hours per week; that is lesser than what most part-time jobs demand. Looking on an even brighter side, you always get to meet new people and explore places.
  3. Internships– These are a great source of getting some money and adding valuable experience to your CV. Though most of the internships are full-time, many companies allow to work part-time as well; you can find internships on Indeed, LinkedIn, and Internships for any postings that allow you to work part-time. A number of internships make your CV attractive to the recruiters and also open you up to different avenues.
  4. Social Media Entrepreneur– You will find many individuals across all social media platforms who went out there doing what they were good at, and earning money and a name for themselves. If you have passion to live for, you can write or speak about it in posts. If you have a talent that amazes your friends, you can go make a video and see how people like it. People with a quirky sense of humor have tried making memes and they did gain popularity and money through advertising later. All in all, it will take intense work and hours from your side to maintain a level of standard and to grow. You can have a look at Robert Frank’s videos on Instagram or Sungha Jung on YouTube where they took a leap and showed their talent to the world.
  5. Be a Writer– There are tons of websites online that allow you to write and earn money, but the amount of money depends on how good you actually are. Upwork is the most popular for freelancers to create a profile and let the companies choose them for work based on their credentials and the rate per hour. You can also complete assignments for other students and earn money through that method. TopAssignmentExperts and Paperdoers hire writers based in USA, OnlineAssignmentWriting allow you to complete assignments for students based in UK, BestOnlineAssignmentHelp and EssayWriter4U allow the same opportunities to students based in Australia. TFTH hire students all over the world for writing assignments.
  6. Various odd Jobs– Babysitting is one of the most common part-time jobs to take up but mostly, females are preferred for this one. There are also various odd jobs you can take up to earn some money; examples being- walking a dog, buying groceries for another, standing in queues for another, mystery shopper , and delivering food for a restaurant. Go on Cragislist and you will find plenty of odd jobs available to work that will get you quick money.
  7. Some students learn the stock market, some invest in Bitcoin, others turn to several types of brokers to help them earn cash.
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