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The men of the desert

Morocco, a state thriving mainly on tourism as its primary source of foreign exchange, has manifold ventures to offer. Maintaining its place as the top vacation spot in the North African region, Morocco boasts its insights into wonderful surf and yoga facilities, a deep sense of culture and a rich history. Original Surf Morocco is undoubtedly the best option for visitors to lodge in for a satisfying yoga, surfing adventure, eat delicious Moroccan food and experience Moroccan culture.

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It is imperative for a traveler to keep himself abreast of the recreational opportunities that a place has to offer. Many platforms speak much about their recommendations for the tourists; Original Surf Morocco has come up with a unique comprehensive list of things and activities you must do when coming to Morocco. So, this one’s a must read:

  1. Must shop a tannery from Fez

Fez, being the signature cultural city of Morocco, holds many talents of leather artistry hidden inside the clustered bazaars. Since medieval ages, these tanneries have sustained their glory and grace in the eyes of both the locals and the foreigners. Even if you don’t plan to shop much, buying a leather item can be the best souvenir from the city of Fez. The skins of animals put out on the canopies and the vibrancy of hues being tainted on the canvases of dried leather will be worth letting your senses absorbed in the atmosphere.

  1. Public Hammams:

Bathroom seems a bit cliché; in Morocco, they have this ancient term “Hammam” symbolizing a place where people used to take a bath in the form of groups long before the concept of separate bathrooms came into being. Morocco still preserves the age old trend of collective hot steam baths and relaxing restrooms as a form of tourist attraction. If you are an enthusiast of relishing the details of Moroccan culture, you must try some time at a Hammam; they have separate “Woman-only” sections to suit your personal preferences as well.

  1. Don’t miss the indigenous food:

Moroccan food, period! It’s famous for its hygienic content as it serves the necessary ingredients that help a dieting aspirant achieve its goals of bodily health; hence the prevalent culture of yoga and meditation. The cuisine here is a mesh of different cultural impressions coming from Arabs, Spanish and French people. If you are planning to stay a little longer, you should indulge yourself in any of the cooking workshops being widely conducted by many outlets. The skill remains, the health continues.

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  1. Savour the peace of Djemaa el Fna:

This hub of tranquility in the form of a central square location lies at the heart of Marrakesh. Fna has its tantalizing colours in the form of vibrant mornings and peaceful evenings where people dine out all over the place. The area glows more when jugglers, musicians and live performers steal the moments in public, making the family meals of the nearby diners all the more worthwhile and enjoyable. The stalls and the small hideouts in the vicinity add more life to the overall atmosphere. A meal Fna should be in your to-do list.

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  1. The coastline adventures:

It would not be an exaggeration to say that what the Moroccan coast has for the tourists surpasses all other recreational magnets of the region. A perfect way to make the most out of your surf breaks, availing of the Taghazout surfing opportunities. People come here to fish, to swim and to have the ultimate surfing experience. The coast also provides equal facilities for kite surfing and surfing for beginners. But it is highly recommended that you plan your vacation during winters, precisely between September and April, to make the most out of tide strength.

  1. Majorelle Gardens for the win:

Being an epitome of natural beauty and having been designed by a famous French painter, Jacques Majorelle. The garden portrays an image of a ravishing oasis with flaunting date palms and a wide range of floral and botanic beauty. To cherish the blossoming air in these gardens, think about spending some time there with a book in hand or, probably, a picnic bag would do.

  1. The grandeur of Atlas Mountains:

The Moroccan land is blessed with the splendor of the gigantic range of Atlas Mountains, spanning up to 1500 miles and touching the borders of Tunisia. Jebel Toubkal, the highest mountain, remains the foremost trek-to cliff for many climbers and adventurers from across the globe. People having a good knack of hiking always opt to try this one and they prepare for it seriously. The pathway to the top is facilitated by many resting spots and the adjacent villages are a source of joy where you can do your photography or make amazing vlogs as they say nowadays.

  1. The blue of Chefchaouen

Some places amaze you not only because of their landscape beauty but also by their aesthetic appeal. The blue isles of Chefchaouen exhibit an ocean of blue coloured spectrum in the way it is painted. This city is a landmark of history because of its warmth that it had for refugees fleeing from Spain, Germany and many other war stricken countries during the World War 2 era. The blue streets therein are embellished with pure artworks and busy cafeterias. A photograph is a must here.

  1. Schedule your tour during the festival days:

If you really want to witness the revival of Moroccan culture and wish to sniff the air of a spectacular aura, time your travel during the days of the festivals. They have a handsome variety of festivals that attracts cultural aspirants from everywhere; the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, the Essaouira Gnaoua, World Music Festival, the date festival in Erfoud and the Dades Valley roses festival speak high of the Moroccan identity, to name a few.

Morocco, travel, Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel, photo essay, travel photos, Fez, Marrakech, Volubilis, Sahara Desert

  1. The Casablanca Mosque:

If you really want to get a gist Moroccan architecture in less time, we would suggest you pay a visit to this glamorous mosque. It was named after King Hassan II and is known to be the largest mosque in the country with the tallest minaret of them all. Muslims can visit during the praying times, and it is also open for Non-Muslims so that they can appreciate the work that took seven years for its completion.


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