Where Should I Host My Website? A Simple Beginners Guide To Web Hosting

So, you would like a web host for your newly created “green” website but haven’t a ‘clue’ how to begin to find one or what questions to ask if you have one in mind. It is understandable. The worldwide web can boggle all who like to ‘toggle’ between websites.

The best web hosting services allows website owners space on their server so that computer applications such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google, and Safari can access the files of said websites a server holds. The best web hosting services needs to have an in-depth understanding the technical issues of websites, the speed of load times, installing of various applications for their website customers, knowledge of SSL encrypted security between server and end user accessing a website.

Web hosting carries a great deal of responsibility in addition to just storing of web pages for the end user website owner. The best web hosting services provide a diverse range of other service options including domain name registration, email hosting services, SSL certificates, opportunity for website building, template style, eliminating the need for a web designer. Best web hosting services are able to bring speed of opening up a web page and have little to no ‘crashes.’ The server should keep a website running 99.9 percent of the time.
This is called, logically, uptime!

A web host is a necessity as no one is going to be able to view your site with its creative text, images, and artwork unless the pages are stored on a central computer known as a web server. When your website is on such a server you are now part of that immense world-wide web!

The best web hosting services will always provide a variety of plans in order to get a website published on the worldwide web. Some of the plans you can ask for are:

Shared Server Hosting: In this hosting plan, which is good for e-commerce sites, several webmasters will share space on a single server. This cost effective web hosting plan is good for static websites that are basic in design and need no high performance features.

Dedicated Server Hosting: A dedicated server can be costly but with such your website will not be affected by other website data as could occur in a shared server hosting plan. This web host plan would work best when
your site is attracting a lot of traffic that could bring site to crash for the overload of data being sent out continuously. Dedicated Servers are best for e-commerce sites.

Cloud Server Hosting: Cloud hosting is done through multiple servers that are networked with each other. With the multiple servers acting as one single server there comes such benefits as load balancing, no one point
of failure, one server will back up the connecting server, and increased security of data transmitted. Cloud computing is easier on the budget as the web host companies will only charge on the basis of use of server. If you expect a day of large web traffic you can scale up website resources.

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