Are monster hurricanes and typhoons fueled by global warming?

The full effects of Hurricane Irma have still to be realized; as this monster storm has already left a trail of unprecidented devistation in the Caribbean with small island communities being almost totally damaged. Huge “super typhoons” in the Pacific ocean basin have recently caused similar mayhem in the Philippines, Taiwan, coastal China and Japan. With all of this in mind, and particularly following Hurricane Harvey, which caused massive damage and flooding in coastal Texas areas, are these storms being fueled by global warming?

The answer appears to focus on the fact that the waters of both the Atlantic and Pacific ocean basins are simply warming up. This increase in sea water temperatures is causing Arctic ice to melt even more rapidly than previously thought; and as a result, is literally rocking world weather.

Concerns about the effects of global warming on world weather patterns are not anything new. Numerous scientific articles as well as “doomsday prophecy” movies about this subject have been around for some time now. One good example of a futuristic world ravaged by global warming was an American television film entitled The Fire Next Time, first screened in April, 1993.

The two part TV movie portrayed an American landscape in the year 2017 plagued by ozone depletion and global warming.

This was resulting in frequent monster hurricanes in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, massive forest and brush fires in California and other western states; and scorching temperatures and drought in most of the Continental USA.

What brings this message home is that we are now in the year 2017, with much of what was prophesied in 1993 now becoming reality.

Already, four hurricanes: Harvey, Irma, Katia and Jose have now been formed in the Atlantic Basin in the past month alone, with three of them now active. Jose, a Category 3 storm, is coming close on the heels of Irma, with its final path and destruction still to be determined. A massive brush wildfire is still burning in California’s Los Angeles area, with a state of emergency being declared for 3 LA area counties.

On top of all this, large areas of the American west and southwest are still under critical drought conditions. Taking all of this into mind, is the current state of global warming and climate change that much different than that predicted back in 1993?

May Israeli heat wave

Or maybe our new knowledge and fear of these events are due to social media?

Other parts of the world, including Spain, Portugal, and many locations in the Mediterranean basin are now experiencing severe drought conditions with much of the Middle East suffering the “worst drought in 900 years”, according to NASA .

The Fire Next Time? It really appears to be happening now.

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