This growbot can help you grow food and cannabis, on earth and in space

eddy greenhouse growbot robot hydroponics, vertical farmingIf you’ve been following Green Prophet you’ll know that our founder Karin Kloosterman has been working on a super cool technology to help people like me and you take our food destiny into our own hands. That means the ability to grow super tasty, fresh and local food right from home. She’s built Eddy, a slick robot that packs in experts and also connects you to a community of people so you never have to grow alone.

eddy greenhouse growbot robot hydroponics, vertical farming

Eddy is feature packed with software (and the hottest thing in tech called machine learning and artificial intelligence) that can guide you through success no matter where you live. And this story on Treehugger captures the essence of what Eddy can do for home growers anywhere.

Read the TreeHugger story here to see how we can change the things we care about. No more complaining on the internet about sugar in your organic bread. Bake your own. No more complaining about pesticides on your veggies and greens. Grow your own.

eddy greenhouse growbot robot hydroponics, vertical farming

The Eddy team is super cool in that they’ve also founded an alliance to grow food in space. SpaceX founder Elon Musk has declared he will send people to Mars. What in the world will they eat? Eddy and the Mars Farm Odyssey believe they will build the solution, which is the farm of the future for earth, but also for us people who prefer to stay on earth.

If you want to sign up to follow their progress and be among the first to buy Eddy ($149, instead of $179), sign up via

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