Palestinian planned city Rawabi gets water link

It’s a first for Palestinians in the West Bank – a planned city that from the ground up has been modelled to be a sustainable home for future generations of Palestinians in the West Bank, Palestinian Authority.

Last week the city Rawabi was officially hooked up to its lifeline, Israeli water support, and soon will be home to 5,000 families – one day as many as 40,000 people will live there according to construction plans.

Rawabi has been waiting more than a year to be connected to the water grid, and now Palestinians can live the “American” style suburban dream in Rawabi. It’s the greenest Palestinian city or the green washiest city, one Green Prophet writer comments. In fact if you look at the images and plans Rawabi actually looks like any other ordinary “planned” suburb from Amman to Jerusalem.

Let’s hope that the Rawabians at least don’t have to live with planned city mortgages as well.

For the back story on Rawabi read our 2011 coverage with Bashar Masri the man who started the Rawabi dream.

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