StoreDot’s Flash Battery charges cell phones in 30 seconds flat

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StoreDot is the latest Israeli startup to wow the world with a groundbreaking new charger that takes a cell phone battery from 27 percent to 100 percent in 30 seconds flat.

Unveiled at the recent Think Next conference in Tel Aviv, the flash battery is made with nano dots.

They are the first bio-organic nano crystal ever discovered, according to the team, which evolved out of Tel Aviv University’s nanotechnology department.

Only 2 nanometers in size, nano dots are multifunctional bio-organic peptide molecules, and they are going to change how future mobile devices are made.

“In essence, we have developed a new generation of electrodes with new materials – we call it MFE – Multi Function Electrode,” StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf told Gizmag.

“On one side it acts like a supercapacitor (with very fast charging), and on the other is like a lithium electrode (with slow discharge). The electrolyte is modified with our nanodots in order to make the multifunction electrode more effective.”

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Much larger than existing chargers, suitable only for the Galaxy S4, and likely to cost twice as much as conventional cell phone chargers, the Flash Battery is one of the most sensible devices we’ve ever seen developed in the communications industry – at least in terms of its environmental impact.

By reducing charge times from hours to mere seconds, the group will be responsible for untold energy savings – assuming they are ever able to master the same technology for other cell phone brands, and assuming they are successful at commercializing their product.

So far, there is good reason to assume this team from Israel will be successful, and bold in their reach. In addition to creating a whole new generation of more colorful displays and super fast-charging batteries, the group believes their product can be used in biomedicine and even fast-charging electric vehicles.

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