LED Lights Stickman Costume Shows Simple Is Sweet (and Green)

stickman figure LED lights costume for halloweenWhile the Middle East is not a usual haunt for Halloween there are some parents here and there who bring the custom from their native America or Canada. If you are looking for a last-minute costume, now for the fun – a DIY stick figure costume made from LED lights.

I have a friend organizing a trick or treat in Jerusalem for the much-loved kids holiday and although Judaism has its version dressing up and going crazy (with alcohol, all-night parties, and sometimes drugs), there is something to be said about a holiday that revolves around candy. At least when you are a kid.

But what to do if you are in a nation that doesn’t stock kids’ costumes? Make one of course!

Circling the green blogosphere is this video of a handmade stick man costume put together by a dad for his toddler, using LED lights. The result is funny, way too cute, and a safe way for your goblins to gobble up the night – with light.

LED lights are greener than incandescent (but they can also be a health hazard when used at night).

Begone cheap and crappy one-time use Disney princess costumes. We welcome more fun made with LED lights.

Watch the LED stick figure costume kid “run” video below.

If you can’t figure out the LED lights, buy some glow sticks. Hubpages offers a fix:

stickman dance from glow sticks

Make a Stick Man costume

• Black long-sleeved shirt

• Black pants

• Glow bracelets or necklaces – get plenty! The kind that can be formed into a circle work best. We used the ones that are about 8 inches long and can be connected together.

• Clear packing tape

See these kids do a glow stick dance. It’s a way more awesome video than the one above. In a hyper digital world where worlds can be created by animation it’s heartening to see kids freak out over simple analog solutions.

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