Green Caravan Film Festival Wants YOUR Support

green-caravan-film-festival-middle-east-kuwait-dubaiWant to help support a green film festival in the Middle East? Well, here’s your chance

Over the last year, the Middle East has released some stunning green films. Whether it was a short animated film exploring the environmentally-focused folktales of the Gulf, a documentary following a Bedouin woman traveling to India to become a solar engineer or a film about a young Saudi girl’s dream to cycle, the Middle East has been keeping it green. So, what could be better than bringing these films together (or some a lot like to them!) and showcasing them at their very own green festival? That’s what the organisers behind the ‘Green Caravan Film Festival’ are hoping to do. All they now need is your support – financial or not – to make their dreams a reality.

Green Caravan is a film festival showcasing the best environmental films from around the world,” explains Reham Al-Samerai who is a festival co-Producer. “We’re currently in our fourth year, and this year we’re trying crowd-funding for the first time, in the hopes of getting support from like-minded individuals rather than relying completely on corporate sponsorship.” The organiser are hoping to hold the festival at two locations – Kuwait City, Kuwait and also Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

“We feel crowd-funding would fit in well with a green themed festival,” continues Al-Samerai. “We’ve just launched the campaign a few days ago and watching to see how effective it proves to be… Maybe you’re worried about the planet you’re leaving to your children, and want to help change the world one audience member at a time.”

To pull off the festival, organiser are hoping to raise $35,000. The funds will be used to get screening rights for the films, to transport them and also publicise the film festival. Donations will also go towards renting equipments and furniture, providing snacks, goodies and festival memorabilia. If the campaign fails to meet its target, the money donated will be returned to contributors. For more about the festival and to find out how to contribute go to their indiegogo page.

The Green Caravan is not only the first film festival of its kind in the Middle East, it is also one of a small handful of film festivals worldwide dedicated entirely to environmental issues.

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