Grow Green Reporting Skills with BBC Training in Jordan and Palestine

writer at computer keyboardCalling all media professionals in Palestine or Jordan:  increase your eco-broadcast effectiveness by applying for some hands-on training by top media pros.  

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is leading a series of workshops focused on journalism, new media and management for media professionals working in Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.

The workshops are part of the European Union (EU)-funded Media Neighborhood Project, a three-year training program for journalists, editors and managers from broadcast, print and digital media. It aims to strengthen journalistic skills in the areas of media independence and online media; and improve the reporting of  EU social, economic and political policies within the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Caucasus. APPLY NOW>

Applicants must select one of three workshops available in each country:

1.  BBC News Reporting Course (Jordan:11-13 December 2012, and Palestine: 16-18 December 2012)

  • Making stories relevant and engaging for the audience
  • Understanding the EU and its relationship with its neighbours
  • Journalistic ethics
  • Effective news gathering
  • Professional interviewing techniques

2. Multi-Platform Ethical Journalism (Jordan: 9-13 December 2012,  and Palestine: 9-13 December 2012)

  • Basics of multi-platform journalism
  • Creating professional content for online
  • Techniques of mobile reporting
  • Citizen journalism
  • Building online communities, involving the audience

3.  Media Managers and Senior Editors on Professional and Financial Independence (Jordan: 2-6 December 2012, and Palestine: 2-6 December 2012)

  • Business planning and strategic marketing
  • Developing practical tools – mechanics of selling advertising preparing price lists, negotiation techniques
  • Effective broadcast scheduling
  • Foreign desk management
  • EU and its policies towards your country and region

Worskhop dates are tentative, but what is confirmed is the 23 October 2012 deadline for applications.

Send a CV to [email protected] and include a cover letter that outlines your experience and suitability.  Be sure to specify the course you are applying for.

Training will be led by a consortium of international media organizations including senior journalists from the BBC and Agence France Presse (AFP).  Further details (in English and in Arabic) can be found on the individual FaceBook pages made for the Jordan and Palestine programs.

Details are also available in Arabic – Jordan and Palestine.

Get your application in and share with others who might be eligible.  This excellent opportunity to polish your media skills will make you a stronger communicator of environmental news pertinent to the Middle East.

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7 thoughts on “Grow Green Reporting Skills with BBC Training in Jordan and Palestine”

  1. says:

    A partir de ahí, los miembros del conjunto enuncian ideas y éstas
    se escriben con el menor número de palabras posible.

  2. Boris, I have Palestinian and Iranian friends and I don’t feel like they want to cut my nuts… maybe because I am a woman?

  3. boris says:

    BBC is not enemy of Israel? It depends on definition. BBC is like a guy who would punch you in the nuts every time he sees you. As opposed to Palestinians or Iranians who are like the guys who want to cut your throat every time they see you.

  4. Laurie Balbo says:

    I took the term “Palestinian Authority” directly from the workshop website, but for most of us living in these parts, the word “Palestine” is more commonly used when referring to the geographic region. No political nuance intended, and no wish to incite controversy.

    The article is a simple promotion of a training opportunity – one that ideally will help grow better communicators across a number of media outlets.

    Good communication is key to everything, don’t you think?

  5. savitri Mehta says:

    You refer to this being accessible to people in Jordan and the Palestinian Autority, You then go on to referring to Palestine. Palestine has not been achieved yet, so you do an injustice by referring to it…… It remains the Palestinian Authority and the cart should not be put in fromt of the horse? We are waiting for Palestine to emege. Thank you.

  6. Susan Benton says:

    WHY would I want to help the BBC or the Arabs? They are both enemies of the Jewish people and Israel.

    1. The BBC is not an enemy of Israel, and the more a people can know about true and good reporting from the Middle East, the more transparent, safe and fair that society can become. Journalists in the Arab world are routinely thrown in jail, sometimes the key is thrown away. How can anything in their regimes change or improve if no one on the outside really knows what’s going on?

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