We’d Need Five Worlds to Live Like the United Arab Emirates

uae-footprint-infographic-unsustainableIf we all lived like the citizens of the UAE, we would need 5.4 planet earths to sustain us…

Sometimes the best way to say something is not with words but images. And there is truly no better wake up call to the UAE than this amazing infographic designed by Tim De Chant. It shows that if the world’s 7 billion people all lived like Emiratis, we would need 5.4 planet earths in terms of land to sustain us. That’s pretty scary – especially when you consider that the much-bemoaned lifestyle of the Chinese is, in contrast, pretty sustainable and would require only an extra 10% of planet earth. It’s also scary as the UAE doesn’t have the world’s largest carbon footprint, that particular privilege goes to Qatar.

::Thanks to Tim for granting us permission to use the infographic. See his website per square mile for more.

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2 thoughts on “We’d Need Five Worlds to Live Like the United Arab Emirates”

  1. Ayoob Ali says:

    Interesting! What about Saudi Arabia living style comparison?
    Is there an inforgraphic for it, too? Appreciate your response!

    Best regards,

  2. laurie says:

    Arwa, great graphic!

    Any clue how tiny Costa Rica (with it’s rainforests, ecotourism, agriculture) got into the mix?

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