New Israeli Railway Line Approved Between Tel Aviv and Eilat

"eilat underwater eco tourism"Eco-tourists may be able to get to see these underwater creatures in Eilat faster due to the construction of a railway line from Tel Aviv.

Eilat, located at the southern tip of Israel, draws both local and international tourists year-round due to its warm weather and marine biodiversity.  Though not equipped with an international airport, it does receive domestic flights since the only alternatives are to drive yourself (which takes about six hours from Tel Aviv) or take a public bus (which takes even longer).

The Israeli Cabinet is hoping to improve public transportation to this popular destination and approved the construction of a new railway line from Tel Aviv to Eilat this week.  The train would shorten the travel time to a speedy two hours.

The 350 kilometer railway line would be used by both passengers and freight cargo, and the project will hopefully begin operations five years from the start of construction.

Alternatives for financing the project are being considered by a team chaired by the Prime Minister’s Office Director-General Harel Locker.

Of the project, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “the Tel Aviv-Eilat railway line, which will shorten travel time to two hours, will change the face of the country.”

“For 63 years,” he continued, “there has been talk about linking up the periphery to the center, but nothing has been done.  The railway line and Israel’s natural gas resources can forge strong links in the economic, energy and industrial fields.”

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