Solar Powered Vending Machines Along Cyprus’ Bus Routes

"solar vending machine"People waiting for the bus on a hot day in Cyprus will soon be able to purchase cold water from a solar powered vending machine.

A few weeks ago Cyprus received the distinction of being the world leader of solar water heater users per capita.  Now it is making strides in cold water as well.  A Spanish-based entrepreneur is in the process of distributing solar powered vending machines that sell cold bottles of water along bus routes in Cyprus, thus quenching the thirst of eco-friendly Cypriot transportation users in a more environmentally sustainable way.

(It could also, of course, quench the thirst of anyone who just finished eating a local pickled songbird dish.)

The vending machines work on a coaxial cooling system, which requires no cooling plate and can be recycled.  This form of cooling is more energy efficient since the products are cooled directly, instead of the air around them.

The solar powered component of the machines means that they are efficient coolers in even the hottest countries.

An agreement has already been reached with the national bus company in Cyprus, stating that the solar powered vending machines will be installed on select routes that have large passenger volume.

The entrepreneur leasing the machines hopes that this idea will spread all over the Middle East and be adopted outside of Cyprus.

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