Recycled Furniture from Middle East Rugs and Doors

"upcycled rug chair"Recycled furniture by Israeli designer Naama Futerman. She gives disposed objects a second life.

If all the products that we ever used or came into contact with only had a “Chapter One”, our landfills would be overflowing.  Thankfully there are people out there, such as Tel Aviv-based designer Naama Futerman, who help give discarded objects what she calls a “Chapter Two” – a second chance to be useful.  Scouring the streets of Tel Aviv for other people’s “junk”, Futerman uses objects such as old carpets and unwanted wooden doors to create interesting pieces of furniture.

Her seemingly antique throne chair, pictured above, is made out of the remains of a carpet that someone tossed out in favor of a more modern look.

"upcycled door furniture template"Of her work process, Futerman writes that “initially I decided to explore my surroundings and search for disposed objects as the base materials for my work.  I was wandering around the city, visiting construction sites and peeking into containers.”

“In my expedition,” she continues, “I discovered that people throw away objects not only because they are broken or damaged but also because of the desire to renew their environment.  These, I thought, were wonderful working materials.”

"upcycled door table"In Futerman’s creative hands, the white door in perfectly good condition above (or, white door “Chapter One”) became the great little white coffee table seen here.

Maybe “Chapter Two” is even better than “Chapter One”?

:: DesignBreak

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