Katerva Prize Will Help Sanergy Power the World With Poop

human waste, sanergy, kenya, slums, eco-toilets, green toilets, poop, katerva, crowd sourcing, poop power, energy from poopSlum dwellers have already seen their lives improve dramatically with Sanergy’s groundbreaking initiative to convert human waste into fuel throughout Kenya. Katerva intends to make their work global.

Poop will power the world if Katerva has their way. A UK-registered charity organization which uses crowd sourcing to annually identify, award & accelerate ingenious ideas that will enable the global community to live sustainably, Katerva has announced that this year’s Grand Prize will go to Sanergy.

Founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) alumni, Sanergy is building sanitation centers throughout Kenya that harvest human waste to make energy. Their program is financially stable, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious, and it now has the support of an elite group of organizations who will pool their resources to accelerate Sanergy’s work.

(Here’s another green toilet designed for India’s slum dwellers.)

The 500 experts and thought leaders who took part in a 12 month review process to choose an idea that has the most potential to make a global expert believe very strongly that “Sanergy has the capacity to fundamentally change the way in which we all live and interact with the planet .”

Pretty soon, we’ll all be cooking with power produced by our very own poop. More information about both groundbreaking initiatives – Katerva and Sanergy  – is available on their respective websites.

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