PIP Breast Implant Warnings Hit Middle East

ruptured pip breast implant france
Defunct French company PIP has sold leaky, industry grade silicon implants now being recalled. image via Globalpost

Thousands of faulty breast implants have been recalled by the French government for fears of leaks that could lead to cancer. A call to women has been issued in the Middle East to women from Israel all the way to Abu Dhabi. The defunct French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) has had its implant linked to cancer and other ill health effects. Some 30,000 women in France have been told to remove the implants.

In Israel for instance, some 850 women are estimated to have the implant, and the country has opened a hotline for women suspected of having the faulty implant call in. In France, the government is paying for the removal of PIPs, and will pay for new implants if the PIP implant was implanted for medical reasons.

While I never considered implants myself, I always considered them one of the grossest things a woman could do to her body.

Ironically the implant that makes her more “woman” robs her of the very reason why breasts exist: to breast feed her young. In a hyper-sexualized world where women pay thousands of dollars to look like a Baywatch bimbo it will just be a matter of time when bigger immune system effects from implants will be nailed down by science.

Even less intrusive add-ons to our bodies, such as wearing contact lenses, can have harmful effects on the immune system, especially in women, putting us at risk for immune system diseases. Have you ever worn contact lenses and felt your body was rejecting them? Imagine that feeling locked inside your breasts, as silicon droplets leak into your body.

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13 thoughts on “PIP Breast Implant Warnings Hit Middle East”

  1. Joan says:

    Breasts don’t exist for one reason. Same as penises exist for more than one reason. Breasts are erroneous zones, important to both men and women, not just babies. There’s no denying this.
    Before implants, women had to put up with what nature gave them, and after breast feeding, some women are left with deflated breasts and sagging- another reason why women may seek out surgical improvement. Women who do this can’t be put into only two catagories:- either cancer survivors or bimbos. If a women is flat, deflated or small and goes up one cup size so she doesn’t suffer embarrassment and inadequacy when making love and feels better about herself, no-one has the right to condemn her. Unfortunately human nature is highly influenced by culture and the need to fit in, and people can be so critical of others, affecting their self esteem.
    My current implants are now 12 years old, and I recently found out the shells of all implants break down within 7-10 yrs, causing an increased risk of rupture and bleeding of their 37 toxic chemicals through the permeable shell, even the modern cohesive gel type. I have had chronic fatigue with diminished quality of life which could be the result of implants. Saline ones are even worse because they can grow mold and bacteria, which can escape through faulty valves and the shell over time. The saline expires and should not be kept at the temperature they are in the human body. The shell flakes off and liquifies in the body, going to multiple organs including the brain.
    I’ve written all this incase any woman thinking of breast augumentation reads this. Also be prepared to replace them every 10 yrs., as now advised by the FDA, but some women get sick from them in the first few years. Hardening is also common.
    I’m getting mine out with the scar capsule and a b/lift, in 2 weeks. I will have to go through a detox program also.
    Hannah, I wish like you I never got them.

  2. Karin wrote: ““can often…” would you want to take that risk? Breastfeeding is rewarding in so many ways to mother, to child and the environment.”

    Of course not-it’s best not to have the surgery, which will most likely interfere with breastfeeding. My caveat is for women who have already had the surgery–they shouldn’t assume they have been robbed of their chance.

  3. “Ironically the implant that makes her more “woman” robs her of the very reason why breasts exist: to breast feed her young.”
    Good point. I do want to point out that women who have had cosmetic breast surgery, including reductions, can often breastfeed. It depends on how the surgery was done and how much time has passed since the surgery, among other factors. See this interview: http://www.amotherinisrael.com/breastfeeding-cosmetic-breast-surgery-israel/
    -Signed, Proud A-Cup.

    1. “can often…” would you want to take that risk? Breastfeeding is rewarding in so many ways to mother, to child and the environment.

  4. Joan says:

    I women’s saying A cup women are sexy? That’s no comfort to me.

    1. Why not? I have a great sense of aesthetics and beauty. I don’t think one needs to be a man to notice if a woman is attractive or not.

  5. Joan says:

    Insecurity, fear and self-loathing. Yes,being an A cup at 21, this is why I got implants. Boobs are everywhere in the media, because they sell-sex sells. Most men prefer implanted breasts to small or flat ones. Don’t blame the women!! Only about 1% of celebrities have left their small breasts not implanted. I had been insulted and teased by both men and women. I went up one cup size, just wanted to feel normal. Some ladies don’t grow breasts at all, or have one small and one large. Saying most women who get implants are bimbos is an immature and ignorant statement.

    1. I for one think A cup women are very sexy. They are even more sexy when they decide to not get implants. Being like every one else is boring… I think people who get nose jobs erase their character…

  6. Tinamarie says:

    When breast implants first came out, I remember thinking oh dear, this is going to wreck us in ways we can’t imagine. I’ve never felt there was a problem for women who for medical reasons needed them. This made intuitive, medical and ethical sense. Like a prostetic leg, why shouldn’t we have safe medical ways to restore what a woman may have lost due to disease, cancer? But as Karin pointed out, this is now the exception, not the rule. Vanity, insecurity, fear and self-loathing seem to have become the standard by which these are implanted. I do hope this changes.

    Thanks Karin for posting this…

  7. Dear Ignorant fools – you have a right to be upset: but the fact is because of all the blonde bimbos who get implants for enhancement- these numbers far outweigh the medical procedures – the cost of implants have gone down, and quite possibly the standards degraded.

  8. Ignorant fools says:

    It sickens me to read over and over about ‘blonde bimbo’s’ who get implant to looks like ‘baywatch’ lifeguards! What about the ones who had no option?
    I have had a tumour removed for which i had to get an implant instead as i would have different looking breasts! The psychological trauma i went too no one can understand! Having find out i’m still at risk because of something like this because of the PIP manufacturers, and having to read about how everyone refer’s to women with implants as ‘bimbo’s disgusts me!

    If you cant relate to why someone does have cosmetic surgery, dont make ignorant remarks!

  9. Truth says:

    Women who can’t sleep. Daughters afraid for their mother’s lives. Threats. Lawsuits for implanting these PIPs.
    Now, if only these women would have had this much concern vs. vanity in the first place and saved lots of money and worry by not having the implants.

  10. JTR says:

    The differnence between producing breast implants for a thousand women and a million women is the difference between high quality and low quality. Peacefully reduce the human population around the World so doctors and medical manufacturers will be able to concentrate on treating individual patients and not be swamped by millions more.

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