Recycling Plants and Paying the Green Forward

"uprooted plant growth"In addition to paper and plastic, now Israelis will be able to recycle their garden and windowsill plants too.

When redesigning one’s garden, sometimes perfectly healthy plants get tossed out in the shuffle.  The plants are not sick or anything, but simply do not match the new landscaping theme of the garden.  These carbon dioxide consuming and oxygen producing plants need not go to waste, however, thanks to the new initiative of a plant nursery in Israel.  Wendy Nurseries recently open a donation center for second hand plants and trees, which in turn are implanted in welfare institutions and military bases that need some aesthetic and ecological sprucing up.

According to Esty Israel of Wendy Nurseries, the donation center stemmed from the idea that there is no need to kill plants that have already thrived.  They can be passed along to others who need them, and can still be used to improve the quality of the environment.

Every tree has a function, Israel believes, and can be used to provide shade during hot days, isolate noise, or absorb exhaust from nearby vehicles and create oxygen.

Furthermore, in extracting whole trees for the purpose of replanting, toxic chemicals that are often used as a cheap and easy solution to kill tree roots on the spot can be avoided.  These chemicals are damaging to the soil and the environment.

Wendy Nurseries calls on private individuals and municipalities that are renewing their town’s gardens to consider participating in the project.

For more information visit the Wendy Nurseries website (in Hebrew) or call Esty Israel directly at 08-9765510.

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Image via: Kazi Hirok Al-Arafat

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