Help Kickstart a Sustainable Lighting Project

"alternative wind light energy"Israeli designer Adital Ela Asks for help with her WindyLight sustainable lighting project on Kickstarter.

Kickstarting a new sustainable lighting project that employs wind in generating energy to create light is sustainable Israeli designer Adital Ela.  Her project, WindyLight, is a “family of self-sufficient outdoor lights that perform on free, clean energy and create a unique and sensual illuminating experience.  [The WindyLights] are designed to dance to the rhythm of soft gusts of wind and to provide light even in the urban environment.”

But Ela doesn’t plan on doing it alone and is asking for the public’s support via Kickstarter, an online funding platform that helps get small creative projects off the ground.  You could help fund this project starting at as little as $1.

"sustainable wind light"The WindyLights themselves are small pinwheel-like modules that collect wind energy and convert it into electrical current, allowing the LEDS in the pinwheels to shine through.  The WindyLights are designed with the intention of grouping several pinwheels together to create a bright and beautiful effect.

In Ela’s words, “launching the product will also support us in creating urban lighting installations in prominent locations around the world followed by community activities to stimulate creative thinging towards sustainability design solutions.”

"wind energy light"In order to bring WindyLight into the world, she needs to raise $65,000 (and over $12,000 has already been raised over the past 10 days).

Since KickStarter has an “all or nothing” policy, though, the remaining sum must be raised over the next 40 days or none of the backers will be charged at all.  The clock is ticking on WindyLight, and Ela is hoping to appeal to potential backers by offering them either an actual WindyLight, silver brooch, or t-shirt.

To read more about WindyLight and help support the project, visit the WindyLight Kickstarter page.

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