Is This the Green Lebanon You’ve Dreamt About? (Video)

Cars, pollution, and the uniqueness of Lebanon can’t be forgotten, according to ironic statements by designers, business people, actors and writers in this documentary that intends to open the eyes of the Lebanese youth to the real problems in their society. See sewage flowing into the sea, the garbage mountain at sea, the pillage of archeological ruins, the terrible traffic situation – the way scooters weave through traffic. This eye-opening video is appealing to viewers to be part of the change. Did you know that there are 400 cases of forest fire arson every year in Lebanon and none are persecuted? The loss of green space at a staggering rate. Watch the video below.

It gathers 45 carefully selected Lebanese figures who start by showing how beautiful Lebanon is but how terribly ugly the society has made it. The documentarians are looking at social, political, economic, ecological and humanitarian problems. If you are looking for a window into Lebanon’s environmental problems watch this video, in Arabic with sub-titles in English.

While some parts of the video are very political (and calling for a revolution), it offers viewers a rare chance to see a variety of moderate Lebanese voices in 45 minutes. Connect with some of them.

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