Nominate Your Green Prophet Eco Hero for 2011

middle-east-north-africa-environment-hero-2011Green Prophet launches the Green Prophet Eco Hero 11 Award for 2011. Who are your eco-heros for the Middle East and North Africa region?

With so much green, inspiring energy in the Middle East North Africa region, we decided to give local green prophets a little pat on the back. At the end of the year, Green Prophet will announce its first list of environmental activists from the Middle East and North Africa region. Top winners will win a small personal cash prize of $200, $100 and $50. All winners will be profiled on Green Prophet, giving credit and credence to their work. Do you know someone who is fighting to save sharks from fin soup, someone fighting for dead seas or lakes, or who is creating new water technologies that could change the water-parched region? If so, let us know about them! Read on for how you can nominate your eco-hero.

Who would you like to see honoured on our list? The region is full of eco-warriors but who do you think has gone the extra green mile this year? They don’t have to be any hugely famous, it could be your green fingered neighbour, but they do have to be from the Middle East and North Africa region.

Here are some ideas of what we are looking for:

Despite huge political upheavals due to the Arab Spring, campaigners have still found time to take action on climate change this year. They have rallied to save salt lake Orumieh in Iran (at great personal risk too) and demanded better public transport in Egypt and Lebanon. They have campaigned to stop nuclear power in Jordan and in Israel, the Save Adullum campaigners have been working hard to stop developers from digging up their neighbourhood for oil shale. Solar power has helped a Turkish village go of the grid and was also embraced by an Abu Dhabi prince who installed photovoltaic at the local crown court.

But, who has impressed you the most this year? Is there a fantastic green campaigner working tirelessly in your city? Or maybe a recycling maverick on your street? Give them the recognition and reward they deserve by nominating them!

You can either leave a comment below this post or via the form, or email me directly at arwa[AT] with your nominations.

We don’t need to see resumes, but please gives us a few details about the person you’re nominating if they aren’t as well known as they should be. We repeat, fill in the form above, send us an email including the info below, or send your nomination in the comments. And don’t be shy to nominate yourself! We need:

Full name
Field of work or organization
Why you have nominated this person
Contacts (for prize)

Deadline is November 25 for submissions and the top 11  will be announced in mid-December after our editorial staff and outside panel reviews the nominations.

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

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2 thoughts on “Nominate Your Green Prophet Eco Hero for 2011”

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