Egypt Declares a State of Emergency Following Oil Spill

oil spill, nature, conservation, GlfWho needs terrorism when we’ve got oil spills?

“The Mega Leisure Destination on the Red Sea” has sprung an oily leak so serious that the Egyptian authorities have declared a state of emergency, according to Almasry Alyoum. General Petroleum Corporation reported that one of their wells is leaking in three Gamsha spots north of Hurghada – a spot that is popular among tourists and the scene a very serious oil spill covered up by authorities last year.

Called a development comprised of “environmentally conscious design” by property developers eager to turn the area’s 39 kilometers of shoreline into the next Dubai, Gamsha is just one among numerous developments along the Red Sea that compromise its long term health. We recently reported that temperatures in the Red Sea (in concert with rising air temperatures) are escalating faster than the global average. This latest oil spill won’t make it hotter, but it’s bound to kill off coral a lot sooner. Authorities are still working on the spill, among numerous other emergencies.

:: Al Masry Al Youm

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image via SOS (Save Our Shores)

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