Breathtaking Jaffa Flat by Pitsou Kedem Celebrates Israel’s Creative Side

green building, eco-design, sustainable design, IsraelIn times of political madness, we have to remind ourselves of the many Israelis who pursue peace and beauty, like Pitsou Kedem.

We don’t usually comment on Israeli politics because there is already so much rhetoric floating around the media machine, but Thursday’s attacks and counterattacks in Southern Israel and Gaza really make us wonder whether Palestinian and Israeli relations will ever reflect the peaceful cooperation that takes place between many ordinary citizens in this region who tirelessly put peace before politics.

We are grateful to have a few celebrations along the way, and designer Pitsou Kedem is one of them. Despite several earlier renovations, Kedem tried his hand at breathing new life into a beautiful vaulted home just south of Tel Aviv, Jaffa, where Green Love “Sticks.” Peeling back decades, Pitsou Kedem broke through a couple of walls and applied minimalist interventions to create a wonderful fusion of old and new with incredible views of the nearby Mediterranean Sea.

sustainable design, green design, eco-design, IsraelOnly a few select contemporary additions have been incorporated into this new home with its incredible vaulted stone ceilings that are well over one hundred years old.

Formerly a cramped apartment, this new expansiveness was achieved by knocking out a couple of walls, though much of the original materials were loving restored.

green building, green design, sustainable design, eco design, israelThe transparent shower attests to the building’s remarkable privacy, which is buttressed by a wonderful infusion of gentle, natural light and clean interior finish. When the times get rough and despair closes in on us, we find it helpful to reflect less on the ugly side of humanity and more on our enormous creative capacities.

Pitsou Kedem’s creative restoration project also pays its respects to mother nature by giving new life to a building that might otherwise have been abandoned.

Images via Pitsou Kedem

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    how do people build these vaults? i’m looking everywhere!! what stone is this and what mortar is used?

    Would be grateful if someone could tell me please.

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