HooHa Cyclists’ House Geared Towards Housing Visiting Cyclists in Northern Israel

hooha bicycle hotel israel, bike sign;HooHa Cyclists’ House in northern Israel gives traveling cyclists a bike-oriented place to stay.

Eco tourism has been spreading all over the Middle East, with more and more professionals in the hospitality industry becoming aware of the demand for more sustainable travel.  Generally eco touristic options involve sustainable facilities, seeing wildlife, or staying at accommodations situated in a remote natural location (such as a nature reserve).  But sometimes eco tourism destinations mean that they encourage greener forms of transportation, such as cycling.  Such is the case with HooHa Cyclists’ House in northern Israel, a hotel that specializes in catering to bikers.

Situated in Kfar Tavor, a picturesque village surrounded by beautiful landscapes, HooHa is in the center of an ideal area for undertaking some cycling outings.

HooHa really takes the needs of cyclists into consideration, and offers a variety of services that is unique.  This is probably due to the fact that Hadas and Dror, the founders of the hotel, are avid cyclists themselves who personally pedaled over 2500 kilometers together in New Zealand.

Starting from the morning buffet (which is stocked with a special early breakfast for cyclists), the services also include special massages given by a professional team, a bike shed, road and off-road bikes for rental, and transport to and from course starting and end points.

The hotel offers a variety of biking/accommodation packages, based on how much cycling a guest wishes to do.

::HooHa Cyclists’ House

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3 thoughts on “HooHa Cyclists’ House Geared Towards Housing Visiting Cyclists in Northern Israel”

  1. Israel has a great fast developing infrastructure for eco-Tourism and biking in particular with new trails established all the time including the development of the north to south Israel Trail. Its great to see it, and its great to see that its being showcased!

  2. Shpigler Dubi says:

    With All the respect to the Article you are making several mistakes:
    1/The First This Is not Eco-Tourism As to the UNFCCC
    2/Second dont miks Sustainability With Eco – Tourism
    3/Biking was never a part of Eco-Tourism As to the definations of the UNFCCC

    Best Regards
    Shpigler Dubi – 0527828160
    Special Expert A/R WG to the UNFCCC

    1. I think according to our definitions at Green Prophet, biking counts.

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