Refugees to Jordan Flow More Freely Than Water


Jordan’s hosting of forced migrants is overburdening already stressed water resources. Humanitarianism has an unanticipated knock-on to fresh water supplies, as Jordan is starting to realize. Syrian refugees harbored in kingdom are draining the desert nation’s scarce water resources, reports Lebanon’s Daily Star. This presents a new setback for Jordan, one of the world’s most […]

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Iran to Construct Middle East’s Largest Artificial Lake in Tehran


The greatest artificial lake in the Middle East, in Iran? Environmentalists in Tehran haven’t decided how a giant artificial lake, Chitgar Lake, will impact their city. Developers already have their plans. As artificial islands in Dubai start to smell foul, authorities from the Iranian city of Tehran are pushing for a giant artificial lake for […]

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Political Drama Over Water Prices in Israel: An Update on the Drought Tax


Israel’s been dragging its feet over the proposed drought tax. It’s been a pretty tumultuous month for water politics in Israel.  After more than five years of abnormally low rainfall, as well as decades of unsustainable water consumption (at least according to Prof. Hillel Shuval) Israel faces an increasingly dire water crisis.  Back in July, […]

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Syria Suffers Water Shortage – More News on Middle Eastern Drought

Yesterday Daniel wrote a sobering report on the increasingly serious drought conditions throughout the entire region.  Israel, Jordan, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon and Iraq have all reported water shortages that are sure to affect both the environment and international security. Sadly, Syria can also join this unfortunately long list. Syria has been suffering from a […]

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Rainless Winter Worsens Middle-East Strife, Garden of Eden Hardest Hit

What’s left of Iraq’s “Garden of Eden” Marshes The Middle Eastern winter has never been more pleasant, bringing us day after day of perfect blue skies, comfortable temperatures, light winds and crisp, clear views.  “What more could you ask for?” must think the residents of Western Europe and North America, who are being pounded by […]

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