Dodeca Architects’ Temple Of Light Infuses Love And Healing

dodeca architects temple of light

This beautiful temple of light creates a subliminal healing effect for distraught visitors as soon as they enter its doors.

Goodness knows we could use a little healing. Japanese residents are faced with a potential nuclear meltdown, the consequences of which are almost too horrible to imagine. Libyans are experiencing untold suffering as one man struggles to hold on to power, and natural disasters are taking an increasingly high toll everywhere. To understand such seeming senselessness, human beings have historically looked to their gods. But Dodeca Architects, South African designers of the Temple Of Light encourage us to seek our solace elsewhere, from the source of all things. From Nature.dodeca architects temple of light

Churches, temples, mosques, and other religious buildings are central to a community’s consciousness.  This is where people go to seek communion with one another and with a higher power. Similarly, Dodeca’s Temple of Light inspires peace and serenity from the onset.

dodeca architects temple of light

The building comprises two intersecting circles, a design inspired by sacred geometrical principles. (Called the Vesica Pisces, this intersection of circles is found in many medieval structures.) The space inside balances the space outside, creating a fluidity that blends with the natural surroundings.

dodeca architects temple of light

Roof lights are colored to interact with stained glass windows, creating a subliminal healing effect that soothes distraught visitors. The building will be built with concrete, chosen for its timelessness and to form a patina that will in time “emit a very sacred permanence,” according to the architects.

If you don’t have a temple of light to go to during these distressing times, why not take a walk in the forest, revel in the changing seasons, and send out your own light to all the people who are suffering today.

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