Egypt’s Social Change Begins With Cleaning The Streets

cleaning Egypt streets cairo
Making a difference in Egypt comes with one piece of rubbish at a time

As the world’s eyes are watching Egypt’s people uprise against its government, the need for change has already began impacting the streets of Cairo. After seven days of demonstrations rubbish, placards and dirty water have collected in the roads which the Egyptian people are not leaving for outsiders to clear up, despite their frustration for economic survival and better living.

This feeling of Egyptian pride is contagious as people are encouraging others to come outside with brooms and bags, voluntarily cleaning the streets. Muslim women have been taking their scarf pins to help attach ‘Keep Egypt Clean’ signs to men’s shirts; men themselves embrace one another with smiles, with hope and a love for the maintenance and environment of their country.

‘This charges us with positivity, so we can do more, to help our country to be better’, said Mohammad. Watch the fast spreading video by The Daily News).

More passion has flooded the streets as medical workers have volunteered their skills to help protesters hurt in the previous days and free food and drink is being handed out.

There is environmental revolution in the air. And we are witnessing a truly different Egypt that won’t be changed back easily.

Image:: Kitsap Sun (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)
The Daily News

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