Climate Change and Hanukah – A Connection?

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The 8-day Jewish holiday of Hanukah starts tonight. Is there a connect with climate change?

This week marks the Jewish holiday of Hanukah – celebrated by widely in Israel by Jewish people. And the local Israeli Arabs enjoy it too, feasting on the jelly doughnuts that go along with the 8-day holiday.

“What does Hanukah have to do with global warming?”

Hanukah sends an environmental message: how could a one-day supply of oil last eight days and nights?

“It represents an early example of energy conservation with relevance to our current environmental challenges,” wrote Adam Stern from the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL). In the past he’s recommended that people switch over to CFLs this holiday season.

For some yummy recipes to go along with the miracle of Hanukkah, how about latke recipes of Rachel Barenblat, the wife of a World Changing writer. Rachel’s Asian latkes with soy dipping sauce sound tempting and definitely modern, we would probably choose a hot and crispy jelly doughnut (sufganiyot) over a latke any day. That’s if you’re a calorie counter.


Or try baked sufganiyot for a healthier change.

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