EKON, Environmental Sci-fi Film From United Arab Emirates

EKON Film PosterThe concept is Hollywood-esque: An unknown event has devastated Earth’s biosphere, causing a radiation storm that is rapidly driving all biological life on the planet to extinction.

The reality however, is that this could happen. EKON, an environmental science fiction film from the Middle East, feels like an urban legend, its trailer combines elements from the likes of The Last Man and The Day After Tomorrow.

EKON is set deep in the sands of the desert, where the remaining human survivors, clad in high-tech gadgets and with scientific know, risk venturing the storms to understand the environmental catastrophe that threatens human extinction, and find a solution.

“As they descend into the unknown, they must face a mysterious life form that holds the key to the past and the future of the planet, – the EKON.”

Currently in production, the film was developed by United Arab Emirates writer/director Mohammad Rasoul. The online teaser was produced to introduce the EKON universe to the audiences during the early development process.

Watch the trailer on EKON’s official website.

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