Nidan’s Software Audits Energy Behavior In Cities and Factories (Video)

Are the lights on when no-one’s at school or in the office? The heat burning when the staff’s out to lunch? Let Nidan audit your city’s energy use.

When the municipal energy budget went into the hands of an Israeli deputy mayor (wanting to stay in politics), he did all in his power to cut back. Turning to the Israeli software company Nidan, the mayor managed to save more than 10% of the monthly energy bills in his city. So far Nidan, as Ofer Keren, business development manager pointed out at the recent EnergyTech conference in Tel Aviv, has been able to save the southern desert city Eilat 10% of its energy bill, and the city of Kiriat Bialik 12%. It’s also in place in a metal factory.

What the solution does is recognize patterns, and places of waste (like lights on when no one is in the building, or at school in the summer), showing people (and deputy mayors) how small changes in behavior can translate to huge energy savings. Imagine if your town’s energy bill is a million dollars per month, or $10 million or more? Ten percent savings can translate to a massive cost savings – money which can be used for libraries, green bin programs, green education and more.


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