ZenithSolar Makes Solar Power Affordable for Everyone

ZenithSolar technology makes solar-power affordableHas affordable solar energy without government subsidies finally arrived?

ZenithSolar, a solar energy tech company, has launched a new solar system on Kibbutz Yavne in Israel that achieves 72% solar efficiency, provides both hot water and electricity and doesn’t require the need of subsidies.

The company’s 3rd generation Combined Heat and Power Z20 Concentrated photovoltaic system is considered the most efficient cleanenergy solar generator in the world and, according to ZenithSolar CEO Roy Segev, ushers in a new generation in solar panel technology, ‘Generation 3’ that is “Combined Heat and Power, Concentrated PV + Solar Thermal.”

Such a combination of heat and power can bring costs down enough that affordable solar-power may just have arrived.

ZenithSolar is now constructing worldwide systems for installations in three new cleanenergy sites for 2011.

The company was founded in 2006 by Segev, David Faiman (see video below) and Andreas Bett with the mission “to bring solar energy into power and heat to people and businesses globally at the same cost as national energy.”

Additional benefits of its new technology include:
• Lowest cost per watt and best potential for energy system cost reduction;
• Highest efficiency in the field >72%;
• Best space utilization of land area;
• Highest possible prevention of CO2 emissions through clean energy generation

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