Quinoa Tabouleh Salad recipe

image-quinoa-tabboulehTry a new twist on traditional tabbouleh, with quinoa instead of bulgur.

Tabbouleh or tabouleh is a standard part of mezze – the array of small, piquant dishes set down on the table before a serious meal in the Middle East. Traditionally made with bulgur wheat, tabbouleh is really a cold salad packed with herbs and vegetables. But we’ve found that for a change, or to boost nutrition, quinoa, an “ancient new grain” like freekah, makes a very good substitute for bulgur. Try this modern variation on a traditional Middle-Eastern dish.

Quinoa Tabbouleh

4 generous servings


1 cup quinoa, rinsed twice and drained

1- 1/2 cups boiling water

1 teaspoon olive oil for cooking the quinoa

1 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup olive oil for the dressing

1/4 cup lemon juice

3 ripe tomatoes, chopped finely

1  cucumber, diced

3 scallions, chopped finely

1 raw carrot, coarsely grated

1 cup  parsley, chopped finely

1 /4 cup fresh mint leaves, chopped finely

1/2 cup feta cheese chopped into small cubes


1. Put the quinoa in a medium-sized saucepan. Add the teaspoon of olive oil, salt,  and the boiling water. Stir, then cover.

2. Steam the quinoa over a low flame for 15 minutes. Allow it to rest, covered, another 5. Before removing it from the pan, fluff it up with a fork.

3. Combine the 1/4 cup olive oil, lemon juice, and all the vegetables and herbs in a bowl. Mix the cooled quinoa in. Stir the feta cubes in. Taste the salad and add salt if needed.

4. Cover the tabbouleh and refrigerate it for at least 2 hours to overnight, to allow the flavors to marry.

Drizzle tehina over each serving, and enjoy!

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