Searching The Globe For Entries To The 5th Annual Green Awards

green awards 2010If your design or project has serious green mettle, why not enter the Global Green Awards?

We may have our fair share of not-so-eco maniacs in the Middle East, but we also have a powerful body of concerned citizens who realize that the success with which we develop sustainable options in every aspect of life – agriculture, building, energy, fashion, and industry – will define our quality of said life for decades to come.

To veer away from reckless projects like the monster Burj, or the phony “Iceland” that has just opened up in the UAE, the Global Green Awards are accepting applications, for the fifth year, from creative, original, and  positive people who have a sustainable vision. Greenwashers need not apply.

Although the annual Green Awards are well known, this will be the first year that the competition is open to projects throughout the globe in every category. Applications are currently being accepted until 22 October, 2010.

Some of the new categories include:

  • Best Green Educational Project for demonstrated ability to influence behavior in learning environments towards a long term sustainable agenda.
  • Best Green New Product Innovation to award organizations that have effectively incorporated sustainability in their bottom line through the creation of ‘green’ products.
  • Best Green Use of Mobile Apps and Technologies celebrating those who have used the mobile platform to promote green and ethical purposes, now an even greater part of our lives.

“Like previous years, the judging panel…boasts of prominent names associated with environment and marketing such as Johan Eliasch, Special Representative of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Chairman, HEAD; Freya Williams, MD/Planner, Ogilvy Earth; Nick Nuttall, Media Head, UNEP and Cheryl Hicks, Special Adviser on Sustainability for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD),” according to the organizers.

Steering the green ship

green awards 1010 ukThe competition will be judged by a “steering group” that is comprised of representatives from top environmental, communications, and marketing organizations. Their combined expertise will ensure that only projects that have achieved high standards in every facet of design and marketing receive recognition.

Steering group member Satinder Bindra, UNEP Director of Communications commented: “Making your voice heard and having an impact in the increasingly crowded and sometimes fatigue-laden world of environmental marketing requires persistence, creativity and the ability to take risks. Without it, I fear messages key to our very survival will not be noticed.”

The awards will be held 2nd December, 2010 at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, and will be co-hosted by Jo Wood and – a well-known “green” entrepreneur, and designer Wayne Hemingway.

So if you or someone you know has an entry that fits the above criteria, that is at once brilliant and socially responsible, and if you have a hefty green backbone, visit: for more information.

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