Some Reasons You Should Make Time for Breakfast

The great breakfast spread; it not only looks fantastic, but it is also a healthy way to start your day.

Waking in the morning and rushing out the door to make it to work on time is a daily hassle for many people, therefore breakfast seems to be another thing on the to-do-list for which there is no time. In the Middle East the traditional breakfast involves cheeses, olives, and salads, however many people find themselves skipping all this, reaching for the coffee mug instead, and heading out the door.

Why bother with breakfast?
A lot of research has been done in this area, proving just how effective breakfast is as a kick start for your day, remembering that your body has not received any food for approximately ten hours. Although you might not wake up hungry, it is important your body receives a nutritional breakfast to provide energy for the rest of the day.

Without this energy the day has a sluggish beginning, which is difficult to overcome. Additionally, this leads to a greater reliance on the unhealthy stimulation of coffee for a boost of energy.

A weight loss technique
The energy breakfast supplies acts as a type of fuel for the body, revving up the metabolism and encouraging the body to burn calories. After a night of no food the body needs sustenance, otherwise it goes into starvation mode assuming no food will be forthcoming, and tries to conserve energy, burning as few calories as possible.

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast not only begins the calorie burning process, it prevents less healthy choices later in the day. A well-satisfied person is less likely to overeat at the next meal, just as much as they are less likely to reach for a sugary snack at some point in the morning. Considering breakfast in this light illustrates that is it more than simply a morning meal, it can influence your eating patterns for the remainder of the day.

Breakfast choices
Choosing what to eat becomes a problem, especially when one of the fastest options is the classic breakfast cereal, which for the most part is full of sugar like many other packaged foods. There are many great, fibrous recipe ideas, however, if cooking in the morning doesn’t fit into your schedule, there is always the option of preparing breakfast the night before. Try a mixture of fresh fruit, walnuts and cubed cheddar to give you the fibre and protein necessary to start your day.

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