Syrian celebrities spread green with balloons

Syrian celebrities took to the streets of Damascus to promote green living. Releasing balloons, were they drawing attention to the environment or to themselves?

A group of Syrian celebrities gathered in Damascus to try to promote environmentally friendly lifestyles recently, personally urging individuals to change their habits. Unfortunately, however, it looks like this was a case of green washing rather than genuine green living.

The celebrities encouraged people to use paper bags (arguably not much less offensive than plastic and definitely not as good as cloth) and released a large number of balloons into the sky (which could be harmful to birds and other forms of wildlife).  So what was the real message?

Sometimes, the only message is the messenger.  Which in this case consisted of the glamorous celebrities.  The group of Syrian celebrities patrolling the center of Damascus included Doreid Laham, Salim and Yara Sabri, Bassem Yakhor, Shokran Mortaja, and many more.

But maybe a good dose of famous positive role models is exactly what is needed sometimes in a city like Damascus where supposedly 15 million plastic bags are used every day.

In addition to taking to the streets, promoting paper bag usage, and releasing balloons, the celebrities released a new song for the occassion, “Hat Edak wel Iha’ni”.  The song was performed in the center of Damascus at Masrah Teshreen.

Green washing or not, we hope the message was heard and received.

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  1. Charlotte Mason says:

    They were trying to help the planet but were slightly messing it up a little in the process! Typical behaviour of celebrities…

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